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Gesane is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Gesane is a Rito guard who patrols the lowest entrance of Rito Village. He carries a Feathered Spear and continuously paces the bridge.

When Link first speaks to Gesane, he greets him and asks if he needs something.[2] Link asks who he is, so Gesane introduces himself.[3] Then, Link asks about the Rito, he recites a saying about the Rito and is surprised Link has never heard it.[4] He encourages Link to visit Rito Village, should he have a chance.[5]

After Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been calmed, Gesane will note that Link has come at a good time now that there is not anymore trouble.[6] He asks if Link needs something,[7] which Link replies to by asking how Gesane is. He can't complain about his life,[8] but he suddenly reveals that he saw a Frost Talus when he went on a walk earlier.[9] He clarifies that it is a giant monster made of enchanted ice,[10] and he thought it was both incredible and terrifying.[11] He thinks he saw it in Coldsnap Hollow, but he ended up fleeing very quickly.[12] Despite its size, Gesane believes a Champion could take it down easily.[13] This begins the "Face the Frost Talus" Side Quest.

After Link has defeated the Frost Talus, he can return to Rito Village to share the news with Gesane.[14] He did not believe a Hylian could take down something of that size.[15] Ultimately, Gesane is relieved, since Rito Village could have been in danger if it had wandered towards it.[16] As a reward, he gifts Link a Silver Rupee.[17]

Gesane is still very shocked that Link managed to defeat the Frost Talus.[18] However, the world is still full of other dangerous creatures, so he remains vigilant.[19]


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