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"This is Gerudo Town, Hyrule's largest trade hub."

Gerudo Town is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Located in the Gerudo Desert region of Hyrule, it is the hometown of many Gerudo. The Gerudo Town is headed by Riju and her guards. Men are not allowed inside, only women are permitted to enter, despite this Gerudo Town has become the largest trading hub in Hyrule. The town has existed since before the Great Calamity and is defended by Gerudo Soldiers.

As a result of the law forbidding men, most Gerudo leave Gerudo Town to find love and marry. Many married Gerudo return to town to sell wares to support their families, though some such as Rhondson after her marriage live outside of Gerudo Town with their husbands. Nearby Kara Kara Bazaar is an oasis and trading hub for male merchants outside the gates of Gerudo Town.

Link must disguise himself as a woman to enter Gerudo Town. If he enters with his normal clothes he will be kicked out by guards. To enter the town, Link must wear the Gerudo Veil, Top and Sirwal armor set. Once Link obtains the Thunder Helm, he can also wear it in the same purpose as the "Gerudo" set. Additionally, Link can replace the Gerudo Sirwal with the Sand Boots or Snow Boots, yet will maintain his Gerudo disguise though only if he is wearing the Gerudo Top and Veil. Link must wear all three pieces to maintain the disguise.

Breath of the Wild Gerudo Town Marketplace (Gerudo Desert)

Gerudo Town Market

The main street of Gerudo Town contains a market place. Most shops are unnamed with a few exceptions such as the Arrow Specialty Shop, the Fashion Passion armor shop, and jewelry shop Starlight Memories. There is also a butchers selling various grades of steak, a fruit stand, a mushroom stall and a cooking ingredients shop which sells salt, wheat, and rice. The Sand Seal Rental Shop can be found in the eastern part of Gerudo Town. Hotel Oasis is the Gerudo Town's Inn. In addition to providing a standard Bed for 20 Rupees, the Innkeeper Romah offers a special spa plan along with the bed, which comes out to 80 Rupees total. The spa plan not only restores Link health, but also gives him 3 yellow Extra Hearts and overfill his stamina by one yellow Stamina Gauge. The Noble Canteen is the town bar run by the bartender Furosa. It is where Gerudo go to drink and gossip.

Gerudo Town contains a palace complex that serves as the residence of the Gerudo Chieftain. Certain entrances of the palace are inaccessible until Link speaks to Riju, though Link can easily bypass guards by climbing the walls. Riju's Bedroom is located above the main entrance to the main palace throne room and contains the Chief's Diary. It is also home to the Gerudo Town barracks.

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