This article is about the enemy from Ocarina of Time. For the Gerudo band of thieves, see Gerudo.
"When she drops her guard, attack! If you don't defeat her, you'll be captured!"

Gerudo Thieves are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Four exist in all, and they are superior Gerudos that guard the cells of the four Carpenters in the Gerudo's Fortress. When Link enters a chamber where a Carpenter is being held captive, the prisoner will call Link over to his cell. When this happens he warns Link that they may be being watched, and a Gerudo Thief will appear out of nowhere and begin dueling Link.

Gerudo Thieves carry scimitars and move in a circular pattern. Due to this, they are extremely difficult to defeat without Z-targeting. They have two attacks: a normal sword swipe and a lunging attack. The normal sword swipe deals minor damage and is not very dangerous, but the twirling jump attack will defeat Link upon contact, and he will, as a result, be thrown in the Gerudo prison. After Link deals enough damage to a Gerudo Thief, however, she retreats and leaves behind the key to the designated Carpenter's jail cell. When Link defeats all four Gerudo Thieves and frees all the Carpenters, Aveil appears and gives Link the Gerudo Membership Card, making him an honorary member of the Gerudo.

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Navi Artwork When she drops her guard, attack! If you don't defeat her, you'll be captured!

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