"The design of this metal shield has changed over time to match the Gerudo's sword-and-shield fighting style. It's favored by soldiers and travelers alike."
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The Gerudo Shield is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a Gerudo shield the design of which has changed over time. It is used by both Gerudo soldiers and civilian travelers.

Link can obtain one at Gerudo Town or from Lizalfos in Gerudo Desert which occasionally wield them. One spawns upon a stone spire east of the Dako Tah Shrine however camouflage Lizalfos cling to the spire making climbing it difficult though Link can climb up to a natural stone bridge nearby and use the Paraglider to reach the top and the shield. Some Gerudo like Lukan and Sudrey wield Gerudo Shields. Repairing the Daybreaker requires a Gerudo Shield in its reconstruction.

The Gerudo Shield has a base defense power of 20, though this may be increased by a Shield Guard Up Bonus. It is the weakest of the Gerudo made shields as it is weaker than the Radiant Shield and legendary Daybreaker shield.

"That's a Gerudo shield! The Gerudo are famous for it! Wow, they put actual thought into making it surfable."

According to the legendary Hylian Shield Surfer Selmie, the Gerudo actually put thought into making it a surfable, which is not surprising considering the Gerudo practice of Sand-Seal Surfing though Selmie is herself is apparently unaware of this fact.

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