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"This is the only shop in Gerudo Town where someone could buy clothes meant for a voe to wear."

The Gerudo Secret Club, or GSC for short, is a shop from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a secret club located at Gerudo Town and ran by Greta. The club can only be accessed with a password discovered through the side quest "The Secret Club's Secret".

This shop is the only place where Link can purchase the Radiant Mask, Shirt and Tights. However, to purchase the pieces of the "Radiant" outfit, Link must pay in Luminous Stones in addition to Rupees.

Side Quest


The entrance to the Gerudo Secret Club

During the side quest "The Secret Club's Secret", Link must listen to Pyra, Sumati, and Yaido conversion from the window in Pearle's house next door to The Noble Canteen to overhear them reveal the password to gain entry to the Gerudo Secret Club, and must give the password GSC◆. Once the correct password is entered, the door is unlocked permanently allowing Link to enter the Gerudo Secret Club where Link can illegally buy "voe" clothing.


The club is the only place at Gerudo Town that sells clothes meant for voe (men). The secretive nature of its membership is due to the prohibition on selling man's clothing at Gerudo Town despite the demand, leading it to be a black market shop. Though Greta is able to see through Link's woman disguise, due to the illegal nature of her business, she has no problem with him visiting her shop and keeps his identity a secret as she enjoys his business. The Gerudo Secret Club is one of two place in the town where Link can remove his disguise the other being the top of the rocky oasis that all the water in Gerudo Town flows from as it is the highest point in Gerudo Town out of sight of the guards and civilians, similar to the Gerudo Secret Club which is located inside a building with a Door out of view of the guards and civilians. However Link must put his disguise back on if he wishes to leave the shop, as he will get caught by the guards if he leaves the shop while not wearing it.


The Gerudo Secret Club sells two sets of armor, the "Radiant" and "Desert Voe" sets. Link must also provide Luminous Stones as well as Rupees to acquire the "radiant" set, which has a glow that slowly pulses on and off. It is the only place in Hyrule where the "Radiant" set can be purchased, as the "Desert Voe" set can be purchased legally at Rhondson Armor Boutique in Tarrey Town after it is opened by Rhondson during the "From the Ground Up" side quest.

Item Price Materials
Radiant Mask 800 3 Luminous Stones
Radiant Shirt 800 3 Luminous Stones
Radiant Tights 800 3 Luminous Stones
Desert Voe Headband 450 -
Desert Voe Spaulder 1,300 -
Desert Voe Trousers 650 -

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