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The Gerudo Highlands is a mountainous area in the Gerudo Region in Breath of the Wild.

Features and Overview

Gerudo Highlands surrounds the Gerudo Desert. Its cliffs sit to the east of the Desert and its tall, snowy mountains overlook the Desert to the north. Link needs protection from the cold to navigate the northern and southeastern Highlands unharmed. Gerudo Highlands is the location where the ancient Sheikah technology was first uncovered.[1] Nine Stone Taluses can be found throughout the Highlands.

Gerudo Tower

Main article: Gerudo Tower

The Gerudo Tower is a Sheikah Tower situated just north of the Gerudo Desert. It is the tallest Tower in Hyrule, but is situated within a deep valley surrounded by cliffs. To reach the top, Link can go to the top of Birida Lookout and glide to the Tower, where he will be able to reach the climbing platforms attached to the upper section of it. Once the Tower is activated, Link will gain a map of the surrounding northern, snowy mountainous section of Gerudo Highlands. Kass can be found playing his accordion at the top of the Tower.

Wasteland Tower

Main article: Wasteland Tower

The Wasteland Tower is a Sheikah Tower located in the east Gerudo Highlands. It sits in a brown, swampy pool on the northernmost peak of Spectacle Rock. Activating the Tower will update Link's Sheikah Slate with a map of the surrounding area, including the eastern section of the Gerudo Highlands and the entirety of the Gerudo Desert.

Spectacle Rock

Main article: Spectacle Rock

Spectacle Rock is the name of two large circular mesas in east portion of Gerudo Highlands. The Wasteland Tower sits on the northernmost mesa. After Link has freed the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, it will climb onto the southernmost mesa and aim its sights at Hyrule Castle in preparation for the battle with Calamity Ganon.

Vatorsa Snowfield

Main article: Vatorsa Snowfield

Vatorsa Snowfield is a flat, snowy area in the northern portion of Gerudo Highlands. The Snowfield has multiple chunks of ice that Link can melt with a any form of fire, such as with a Campfire or Fire Arrows. Ice chunks can contain enemies, Treasure Chests or Koroks. There is also a large, downward slope that allows Link to travel north quickly by Shield Surfing. A Stone Talus can be found in the western portion of the Snowfield.

Mount Agaat

Main article: Mount Agaat

Mount Agaat is a snowy mountain in Gerudo Highlands. It is the most western area on the map. While scaling the cliffside of the mountain, large snowballs may fall. At the foot of Mount Agaat sits the Kema Kosassa Shrine.

Risoka Snowfield

Main article: Risoka Snowfield

Risoka Snowfield is a large, flat area of snowy ground at the base of Mount Agaat. A clump of dead Trees lies in the center of the field.

Rutimala Hill

Main article: Rutimala Hill

Rutimala Hill is a snowy alcove that sits in the western portion of Gerudo Highlands. It overlooks Karusa Valley.

Meadela's Mantle

Main article: Meadela's Mantle

Meadela's Mantle is a snowy outcrop in the western portion of Gerudo Highlands. The area is grassy, with two outcroppings of Trees. The area overlooks the Gerudo Tower and the Sasa Kai Shrine can be seen from the cliffside.

Statue of the Eighth Heroine

Main article: Statue of the Eighth Heroine

The Statue of the Eighth Heroine is found in the northwest portion of Gerudo Highlands, west of the Gerudo Summit. Link must locate and take a picture of the Statue as part of "The Eighth Heroine" Side Quest given by Bozai.

Gerudo Summit

Main article: Gerudo Summit

The Gerudo Summit is a mountain in the northwestern portion of Gerudo Highlands. The peak of the mountain features a snowy plain that contains a Lynel. On top of the Summit, there is a large stone sword that is a missing piece of the Statue of the Eighth Heroine. Link must locate and take a picture of it as part of "The Forgotten Sword" Side Quest given by Bozai after completing "The Eighth Heroine" Side Quest.

Laparoh Mesa

Main article: Laparoh Mesa

Laparoh Mesa is a mountain in the northern portion of Gerudo Highlands. The mountain is made up of multiple small rock outcroppings and provides a view of the entirety of Hyrule. A Lynel can also be found at the highest point of the mesa. The Dragon Farosh can be seen flying above the mesa at certain times. At the foot of Laparoh Mesa lies the Kuh Takkar Shrine.

Cliffs of Ruvara

Main article: Cliffs of Ruvara

The Cliffs of Reuvara are rocky cliffs that exist along the northern portion of Gerudo Highlands. There is evidence of settlement and multiple climbing platforms used by excavators. There is also a large, geothermal vent that Link can use to glide up the cliffs.

Mystathi's Shelf

Main article: Mystathi's Shelf

Mystathi's Shelf is the northernmost mesa in Gerudo Highlands. It is a rocky, flat area covered in snow.

Hemaar's Descent

Main article: Hemaar's Descent

Hemaar's Descent is a valley in the most northwest portion of Gerudo Highlands. It has very little snowfall and is the grassiest area within the Highlands. It is also a pathway that leads to the Statue of the Eighth Heroine.

Birida Lookout

Main article: Birida Lookout

Birida Lookout is the area directly east of Gerudo Tower and is mostly made up of dilapidated settlements inhabited by monsters. This is also the settlement that is used to gain enough height in order to fly to Gerudo Tower. It overlooks the Great Cliffs. South of the Lookout is the Sasa Kai Shrine.

Sapphia's Table

Main article: Sapphia's Table

Sapphia's Table is a snowy mesa east of Gerudo Tower. It contains multiple levels of heights and provides a good view of Gerudo Desert.

Taafei Hill

Main article: Taafei Hill

Taafei Hill is a small, rocky area in the northern portion of Gerudo Highlands. It contains very little life and no snow. It overlooks the Gerudo Canyon, with the Gerudo Canyon Stable just south of it. A Stone Talus can be found on the southern part of Taafei Hill.

Zirco Mesa

Main article: Zirco Mesa

Zirco Mesa is a mountainous area in the northern portion of Gerudo Highlands. There are icy outcroppings that lie across the top of the mesa. It overlooks the Gerudo Canyon and Koukot Plateau.

Nephra Hill

Main article: Nephra Hill

Nephra Hill is the most northeastern part of Gerudo Highlands. It is an area with many cliffs overlooking the Gerudo Canyon and Koukot Plateau. There are multiple circles of gray rocks that appear on top of the hill.

Mount Nabooru

Main article: Mount Nabooru

Mount Nabooru is a cliff-heavy area overlooking the Gerudo Canyon Pass. It contains a Luminous Stone Talus. Also found here are the Goron Blood Brothers, a triad of Gorons who challenge Link to several tests of endurance as part of the "Test of Will" Shrine Quest. Completing the Shrine Quest reveals the Joloo Nah Shrine. Mount Nabooru's name references the Gerudo sage Nabooru from Ocarina of Time.

Gerudo Canyon Pass

Main article: Gerudo Canyon Pass

The Gerudo Canyon Pass is a canyon at the northeastern entrance to Gerudo from the Digdogg Suspension Bridge in Hyrule Field. It is the only entrance to the Gerudo Region that does not require Link to climb a great distance, with a path on the map leading straight to Gerudo Town.

Stalry Plateau

Main article: Stalry Plateau

Stalry Plateau is a plateau in east Gerudo Highlands with a Guardian Stalker patrolling the area.

Yarna Valley

Main article: Yarna Valley

Yarna Valley is a valley in east Gerudo Highlands. There is a Guardian Stalker above the Valley.

East Gerudo Mesa

Main article: East Gerudo Mesa

The East Gerudo Mesa is a large mesa in east Gerudo Highlands. A Decayed Guardian sits nearby.

Mount Granajh

Main article: Mount Granajh

Mount Granajh is a snowy mountain in southeast Gerudo Highlands. There is a small, ruined shack on the mountain where Link can read a journal, titled the Mountain Peak Log. It describes an un-named researcher's attempts at discovering a shrine nearby. Reading it will give Link the "Secret of the Snowy Peaks" Shrine Quest. After completing the Shrine Quest, the Suma Sahma Shrine will reveal itself on the mountain.

Daval Peak

Main article: Daval Peak

Daval Peak is a snowy mountain in southeast Gerudo Highlands. It is a smaller counterpart to Mount Granajh. On the side of Daval Peak is the pedestal that must be activated in order to complete the "Secret of the Snowy Peaks" Shrine Quest and reveal the Suma Sahma Shrine.

Oseira Plains

Main article: Oseira Plains

Oseira Plains is a narrow, brown grassy plain in the easternmost section of Gerudo Highlands, resting along the western border of the Faron Region. The Ishto Soh Shrine can be found on one of the many cliffs that overlook the area.

Taobab Grassland

Main article: Taobab Grassland

Taobab Grassland is a narrow, brown grassy plain to the north of Oseira Plains in the easternmost section of Gerudo Highlands. It is just south of Mount Hylia on the Great Plateau. Many different horses can be found in this area, most notably the Giant Horse that Link must capture and bring to Straia to complete the "Hunt for the Giant Horse" Side Quest.

Nautelle Wetlands

Main article: Nautelle Wetlands

Nautelle Wetlands is a shallow watery area surrounded by brown grass with several tall trees. It is south of Oseira Plains, in the most southeastern portion of Gerudo Highlands.

South Lomei Labyrinth

Main article: South Lomei Labyrinth

The South Lomei Labyrinth is a Labyrinth in southeast Gerudo Highlands, at the foot of Daval Peak. There are two Koroks near the Labyrinth on mesas that overlook the area. A Guardian Stalker wanders an area to the south along with a nearby Decayed Guardian. Two Bokoblins patrol the top of the Labyrinth walls. Upon entering, Link hears a voice, telling him that he shall receive a blessing at the end of the Labyrinth and he is given "The Desert Labyrinth" Shrine Quest. Link must climb across the walls of the maze to avoid touching the Malice along some of the Labyrinth's walls and floors. Once Link reaches the end of the Labyrinth, he will discover the Dila Maag Shrine and the Shrine Quest is completed.

Champion's Gate

Main article: Champion's Gate

Champion's Gate is a long, narrow canyon which leads to the Gerudo Desert.

Koukot Plateau

Main article: Koukot Plateau

Koukot Plateau is a plateau in east Gerudo Highlands. It has a series of wooden platforms on the walls which Link must traverse during the "Missing in Action" Side Quest. Link will find Sesami's missing friends here.

Gerudo Canyon

Main article: Gerudo Canyon

The Gerudo Canyon is a large Canyon north of the Wasteland Tower. It contains the Kay Noh Shrine and the Gerudo Canyon Stable.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

Main article: Gerudo Canyon Stable

The Gerudo Canyon Stable is a Stable found at the western edge of the Gerudo Canyon. To the west of the Stable is the Gerudo Desert Gateway, the main entrance to the Gerudo Desert. The Kay Noh Shrine resides next to it along with two nearby Koroks. Here Link can talk to Pirou to begin the "Rushroom Rush!" Side Quest and can speak to Sesami to begin the "Missing in Action" Side Quest.

Yiga Clan Hideout

Main article: Yiga Clan Hideout

The Yiga Clan Hideout is the secret base of the Yiga Clan. Link must infiltrate this place and defeat Master Kohga to retrieve Riju's stolen Thunder Helm as part of the "Divine Beast Vah Naboris" Main Quest. It is guarded by Yiga Blademasters that Link must sneak past.

Ancient Shrines

Shrine Trial Name Location Treasure
Dila Maag Shrine Dila Maag's Blessing South Lomei Labyrinth Barbarian Armor
Ishto Soh Shrine Bravery's Grasp Gerudo Highlands Topaz
Ancient Core
Jee Noh Shrine On the Move Gerudo Canyon Pass Opal
Joloo Nah Shrine Joloo Nah Apparatus Mount Nabooru Golden Claymore
Gerudo Spear
Kay Noh Shrine Power of Electricity Gerudo Canyon Stable Gerudo Scimitar
Keeha Yoog Shrine Keeha Yoog's Blessing Gerudo Highlands Diamond
Kema Kosassa Shrine A Major Test of Strength Risoka Snowfield Silver Rupee
Kihiro Moh Shrine(TCB) Inside the Box Gerudo Highlands Thunderspear
Kuh Takkar Shrine Melting Ice Hazard Gerudo Highlands Frostblade
Sasa Kai Shrine A Modest Test of Strength Gerudo Highlands Frostblade
Sho Dantu Shrine Two Bombs Gerudo Highlands Silver Rupee
Suma Sahma Shrine Suma Sahma's Blessing Mount Granajh Moonlight Scimitar


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseゲルド高地 (Gerudo Kōchi)Gerudo Highlands
Latin AmericaSpanishLACordillera de Gerudo[2]Gerudo Mountain Range
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  1. "We decided to heed the prophecy and began excavating large areas of land. It wasn't long before we discovered several ancient relics made by the hands of our distant ancestors." — King Rhoam (Breath of the Wild)
  2. "Cordillera de Gerudo" — Map (Breath of the Wild)