"It takes courage to come thieving in the Pirates' Fortress! I'm going to love doing this to you!"
— Gerudo Guard

Gerudo Guards are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. They are special units among the Gerudo Pirates that deter outsiders if they have managed to get inside the main fortress. They attack with a pair of scimitars that work equally well offensively and defensively. Link has to battle three Gerudo Guards in order to obtain the four Zora Eggs hidden in the fortress. Two of the three guards apparently enjoy fighting Link, laughing when they see him and saying they will relish their coming victory, and if they defeat him, telling him to come back and face them again. A pictograph of a Gerudo Guard, or any other Gerudo, can be given to the Fisherman in exchange for his Seahorse.


Gerudo Guards are difficult to hit, often backflipping away, and quickly block when Link tries to attack. They will dodge most projectiles by leaping forward over them, simultaneously approaching Link in order to counterattack. They sometimes perform powerful spinning jump attacks that deal a full heart of damage. The easiest way for Link to damage one is to first stun her with his Zora form's boomerangs or electric shield, or his Deku form's spin attack; unlike Link's other attacks, the guards make no attempt to block or evade these.

When Link defeats a Gerudo Guard, she throws a Deku Nut to blind Link and escapes. If a Gerudo Guard brings Link's health down to a single heart, the battle will end, and she will say something to him before throwing him back out into Pirates' Cove.

Interestingly, unlike the other Gerudo Pirates, the Gerudo Guards are not fooled by the Stone Mask, and will even go as far as saying, "Do you think you can trick us with that mask?" when Link enters the chamber while wearing it.

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