Gerudo Canyon Stable is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild found at the Gerudo Desert Gateway. It serves as a stable for horses and an inn for travelers to rest in. It is managed by Piaffe. Kass and Beedle can also be found here. Kay Noh Shrine can be found on a cliff just south of the stable. Workers at this stable wear gold and black uniforms with red scarfs. There is a recipe for chilly Mushroom Risotto on the wall.



During the day, Beedle can be found walking around or sitting outside the stable. At night he rests inside the stable. Beedle sells Arrows and elixir ingredients at this stable.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 20 6
Arrows (x10) 2 45
Winterwing Butterfly 5 10
Warm Darner 5 10
Hearty Lizard 2 100


The Gerudo Canyon Stable is the final stop on Gartan’s walk back across the desert. Here he will stop for a rest before settin back out again. He sells arrows and ingredients to ‘spice up’ dishes.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 5
Apple 10
Acorn 8
Restless Cricket 10


Maypin is a travelin merchant who will occasionally pass through, stopping for a brief rest with his donkey outside by the horses. He sells dragonflies Link can use to make Spicy and Chilly Elixirs.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Warm Darner 3 10
Cold Darner 3 10





Side quests

Name Giver Details
Missing in Action Sesami Help locate and rescue Sesami's traveling companions
Rushroom Rush! Pirou Collect 55 Rushrooms for Pirou
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