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Gerudo's Fortress is a location and mini-dungeon in Ocarina of Time.[1]

Features and Overview[]

Gerudo's Fortress is located at the far end of Gerudo Valley and is the gateway to the Haunted Wasteland. It serves as the hideout for the race of thieves known as the Gerudo who heavily guard the entire Fortress. As such, any trespassers will be immediately caught and thrown into a cell high above the complex. The Fortress is a structure with a maze-like interior and halls, which lead to various parts of the outside. Both in the outside and the inside, naginata-armed Gerudo are on patrol. Inside, they are reinforced by Gerudo armed with twin scimitars who will fight Link.

As an adult, Link travels to Gerudo's Fortress. If he is knocked out while duelling a Gerudo Thief, or spotted by a patrolling guard, he will be thrown into a cell near the top of the fortress. If he does not yet have the Hookshot, he will be thrown in front of the Carpenters' tent beside the Master Craftsman. Otherwise, he will be thrown into a jail cell inside the Fortress. Link can escape this cell by using his Hookshot on a wooden, opened window if jailed. Link can safely navigate the complex by shooting the patrolling Gerudo guards with the Fairy Bow, temporarily stunning them. However, he will still need to use his stealth abilities to keep himself from getting caught and getting thrown into the cell.

Link's objective while in Gerudo's Fortress is to sneak through the fortress undetected, and rescue the four captured Carpenters that are being kept in scattered prisons throughout the structure.[2] Any time he finds a carpenter inside a cell, he must talk to the prisoner who, after explaining his situation, will cause a Gerudo to appear from behind. Link must defeat her without receiving too much damage; otherwise, he will get thrown back into the cell. If Link successfully defeats the Gerudo, she will escape and leave behind a Small Key which will open the Carpenter's cell. Once all four of the Carpenters have been freed, a Gerudo Warrior will commend Link for his skills and grant him the Gerudo Token, allowing him free access to the entire Fortress.[3] This also grants entrance to the Gerudo Training Ground, as well as permission to participate in the Horseback Archery Range; moreover, the gates to the Haunted Wasteland will open, which eventually leads to the Desert Colossus, home to the Spirit Temple.

The central room of the fortress constitutes a kitchen and a one-table dining hall. A cauldron of red liquid boils above a fire against a wall, with a red Rupee hidden in the cauldron. At the top of the fortress is a Treasure Chest holding a Piece of Heart. It can be reached by summoning Bonooru with the "Scarecrow's Song" and then using the Hookshot on it.


  • If child Link warps to the Desert Colossus and makes his way through the Haunted Wasteland, he will find a Gerudo guarding the back entrance to the fortress. She looks exactly like the one guarding the front entrance and even shares the same dialogue.
  • By using glitches or hacks, child Link can explore Gerudo's Fortress. The Odd Mushroom can be found inside the Treasure Chest that contains a Piece of Heart as an adult. On top of the jail cell, Link can find another Piece of Heart.[4] This might suggest that early on, the Fortress was supposed to be explored by child Link.
  • If Link defeats one of the Gerudo guarding the jail cells of the Carpenters, takes the Small Key, and tries to use it on a different door, the door will not open and Navi will tell Link that it is not the correct key.[5] In all other areas of the game, a Small Key will open any locked door in the area.
  • In Ocarina of Time 3D, a poster of Link from Skyward Sword can be found behind some crates.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseゲルドの砦 (Gerudo no Toride) (OoT)[6]Geldos'/Gerudos' Fortress
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