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This article is about the Gerudo people. For the Region in Breath of the Wild, see Gerudo (Region).

The Gerudo,(OoT | MM | FSA | TP | BotW | TotK)[2][name reference needed][3] also known as the Female Pirates,(MM)[4] are a race of thieves in The Legend of Zelda series. They live in a harsh desert that bears their name.[5] The climate of the desert has made the Gerudo tough and resourceful.[6] They are warriors by reputation, feared and respected in the countries they inhabit.[7][8] Due to a unique biological quirk, the race consists almost solely of females. A single male Gerudo is born into the tribe every hundred years. This male is destined by Gerudo law to become their king.[9][10] Ganondorf is the only Gerudo male to have appeared in the series.

The Gerudo as a race have appeared in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Four Swords Adventures, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. In The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess Ganondorf is the only Gerudo seen, and in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, Twinrova are the only Gerudo seen.


The Gerudo are a desert-dwelling folk, being indigenous to the Gerudo Valley where they congregate in the Gerudo's Fortress in Ocarina of Time, appear to lead nomadic lives in the Desert of Doubt in Four Swords Adventures, and live as merchants in Gerudo Town in Breath of the Wild. The exception to this is Majora's Mask, where the Gerudo live along the coastal Great Bay. A rather peculiar aspect of the Gerudo is that the race consists almost entirely of women, with a male being born only once every hundred years. According to tradition, this male is destined to become their king.[9][10] When there is no male to be their king, the Gerudo are led by a chief with the position passed on from mother to daughter.[11] The exact nature of this phenomenon is never explained. It is known, however, that at least during the Ocarina of Time era, the lack of males among the Gerudo is countered by turning to males from other human races.[12] This is also the case in the era of Breath of the Wild. Married Gerudo do not typically live within the walls of Gerudo Town, but they enter to sell their wares at the market.[13] It is implied that a Gerudo male can only be born after their previous king had died, as Ganondorf's sealment 10,000 years prior resulted in the Gerudo no longer having any male children afterwards.

Gerudo are known to have the following traits: dark skin, amber eyes, red hair, a tall-stature, and a sharp bird-like nose.[14] Their skin color, however, has been shown to come in many different tones: like the common light brown and an olive-greenish variation seen on Twinrova and Ganondorf, however lighter tones aren’t unheard of. Gerudo in Breath of the Wild generally have green eyes instead of amber. In Breath of the Wild, the Gerudo use mushrooms found in the Gerudo Desert to keep their skin beautiful.[15] Gerudo vary between having round ears and pointed ears. The Gerudo in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask have rounded ears, while the Gerudo in Breath of the Wild have pointed ears. Matching the rest of the Gerudo, Ganondorf has rounded ears in his first appearance in Ocarina of Time, although he later develops more pointed ears (though still rounded compared to Hylians) during the Adult Timeline (which is heavily implied to be the result of his acquiring the Triforce of Power)[citation needed]. This design reappears with rounded ears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. However, Ganondorf's ears are pointed in all further appearances, including The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. His design in Twilight Princess reappears with pointed ears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U. His non-canon iteration in Hyrule Warriors also retains pointed ears. The Gerudo in Breath of the Wild have two legends explaining the change in their ears from round to pointed: One is that their intermarriages with Hylian men have slowly pointed their ears, while another more mystical take says that their shame over giving birth to Ganondorf who became Calamity Ganon opened them up to hearing the voices of the goddesses.[16]

Gerudo names are structured in Eastern name order, with their family name coming before their given name. For example, Riju signs her diary with "Makeela Riju".[17]

Although Koume and Kotake in Ocarina of Time are 380-400 years old,[18][19] this is not a normal Gerudo lifespan and the witches have far extended their lives with their magic.[20] Gerudo also age faster than Hylians, with Riju in Breath of the Wild having a mature air about her despite only being 12 years old.[21]

Generally, the Gerudo have been shown to be a reclusive race that does not take well to outsiders on their territory,[22] which in Hyrule constitutes the whole desert area. Even when they are more open to other races in the era of Breath of the Wild, they still do not allow males to enter their towns,[23] to the point it is illegal to sell men's clothing.[24] By Gerudo law, young Gerudo can't associate with men until they come of age, with the only exception being the king of the Gerudo. Gerudo born outside their territory must travel to Gerudo Town to live there until they are of age.[25] It has been believed by the Gerudo since ancient times that when young Gerudo women interact with men it will bring disaster.[26] In spite of this, the Gerudo appreciate talent when they see it and do accept non-Gerudo among their ranks if they manage to prove themselves.[27] Being a warrior race, they are well apt at combat, and have been shown to use weapons such as glaives and dual scimitar swords. Some members of the race have also been shown to possess magic, namely Ganondorf and the Gerudo witch Twinrova.

Archery and skilled horseback riding are highly regarded in Gerudo society.[28][29] They also use Sand Seals, animals native to the Gerudo Desert Gateway, to get around the desert.[30] Sand seals are not exactly ridden; rather, one surfs on a shield behind the animal while a rope keeps them tethered to it.

The Desert Colossus is a statue of a Gerudo goddess. Due to differences in religion, the people of Hyrule believe the goddess depicted in the statue is evil.[31] According to Muava in Breath of the Wild, the Gerudo no longer believe in the Goddess Hylia.[32] The Gerudo do believe in some sort of afterlife, from where their ancestors watch over them.[33] They worship the Seven Heroines, seen as their divine protectors.[26] The heroines embody the virtues of heart, skill, fortitude, wisdom, flight, mobility, and compassion.[34] The Seven Heroines have been worshiped for a long time, and are said to have protected and guided the Gerudo in times past.[35] Little is actually known about the heroines, even by the Gerudo.[36] There is a debate among the Gerudo between whether they should worship all seven as a group, or each one as individuals.[37] Even the number is disagreed on, with some claiming there are eight, or even only one.[38] "Seven Sages" is written on the statues of the Seven Heroines in Gerudo language.

The Gerudo have their own writing script, referred to as Gerudo. This writing is found extensively on the architecture of the Gerudo's Training Ground and Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time, and their unique language is heard throughout Breath of the Wild.


Ocarina of Time[]

File:OoT Ganondorf Artwork
Ganondorf from Ocarina of Time, a notable Gerudo

In Ocarina of Time, the Gerudo live in the Gerudo Desert, specifically within the Gerudo Valley, which is located in the northwest of Hyrule.[39] After the Hyrulean Civil War several years before the start of the game, the Gerudo swore fealty to the Royal Family of Hyrule and their desert came under the kingdom's control.[40][41] The Gerudo are well known for their reputation as a band of thieves, and many express fear of them.[8] In spite of this, it is said that they visit Hyrule Castle Town to seek boyfriends there.[12] The Gerudo keep a tight security of their domain. In order to reach the Valley, Link must first cross a bridge over a deep river gorge flowing to Lake Hylia. In the past, it is heavily guarded by several Gerudo and a gate. In the future seven years later, these defenses are gone; instead, the Gerudo have decided to simply destroy the bridge to prevent outsiders from reaching their domain.[42]

After the bridge lies Gerudo's Fortress, the stronghold that the Gerudo inhabit. Gerudo Guards patrol the area throughout the large stone structure, which inside contains several cells used for imprisoning anyone who attempts to trespass on their territory. Gerudo Valley ends with a huge gate that the Gerudo use to ensure no one enters the Desert without their approval.[43] They had also created themselves two training courses; the Horseback Archery Range and the Gerudo's Training Ground. Despite this hostile outset, they do accept outsiders within their ranks, provided that they first prove themselves worthy.[27]

Ganondorf, being the lone male at that time, is their king and "god".[44] His second-in-command is Nabooru, who is highly respected by the other Gerudo,[45] but rebels against Ganondorf because she does not approve of his evil ways.[9] Nabooru herself also has a deputy, the Gerudo Warrior, who keeps watch over the Gerudo's Fortress while Ganondorf and Nabooru are gone.[27] The Gerudo witches, Koume and Kotake, together known as Twinrova, are said to also rule the tribe from afar.[46]

Link first encounters the Gerudo tribe during his younger years, when the Gerudo's tight security at the bridge took away any chance of proceeding into their domain.[47] Seven years later however, the broken bridge becomes an obstacle easily passed with the Longshot (Or optionally, with Epona). On the other side, he meets the Carpenters' Boss, who informs Link that his workers have gone missing after they had left to join the ranks of the Gerudo and requests that he look for them.[42][48] Accepting his request, Link heads into the Gerudo's Fortress. There he manages to bypass the Gerudo Guards and finds the first Carpenter, now a prisoner in their Fortress. Before he could set him free, a Gerudo Thief appears and challenges Link to a duel.[49][50] Link manages to defeat her and went on saving the remaining three Carpenters, battling another Gerudo Thief each time. After saving all of the Carpenters, he is then approached by Nabooru's appointed leader, who compliments him on his success and gives him the Gerudo Token, which allows him to freely move within the Gerudo territory.[27][51] This also allows Link to participate in the Gerudo training courses.[52][53]

Link's membership also gives him access to the Gerudo Desert,[43] allowing him to finally reach the Spirit Temple. Playing the "Requiem of Spirit" learned from Sheik, Link returns to the Temple as a child, where he meets Nabooru. Her plan is to infiltrate the Spirit Temple, which acts as a hideout for Ganondorf and his minions, and do whatever she could to sabotage their plans.[54] To do that she needs the Silver Gauntlets, a treasure kept in a west side of the Temple that she is too big to enter due to a small hole. Impressed with Link's attitude, she requests he help her by retrieving the Gauntlets for her.[55] However, Link never manages to hand them to Nabooru, as she is spotted by Twinrova and taken away. Link travels through time again and returns to the Temple with the Silver Gauntlets as an adult. Deep inside the Temple, he encounters Twinrova again and a certain Iron Knuckle. Link defeats the Iron Knuckle and reveals that it is in fact Nabooru, brainwashed into servitude of Ganondorf for the past seven years.[56] Her regained freedom is cut short when Twinrova decide to abduct her again, to which Link follows the two and battles. Though strong and utilizing their "Double Dynamite Attack", the Gerudo witches lose to Link. As such, Nabooru could awaken as the Sage of Spirit.[56]

After Ganondorf's defeat, some Gerudo can be seen celebrating with the rest of Hyrule at Lon Lon Ranch.

Majora's Mask[]

In Majora's Mask, a tribe of Gerudo known as the Gerudo Pirates live in the Great Bay of Termina,[57] specifically in Pirates' Cove, in a stronghold called the Pirates' Fortress which they keep heavily guarded.[58][59] They are reputed to be fierce and frightening.[60] They do not appear to have a male king nor is one ever mentioned; instead they are commanded by the Gerudo Aveil.


Aveil, the leader of Termina's Gerudo

Prior to Link's arrival to Termina, they had stolen Lulu's Zora Eggs while she had slept.[61] The Pirates had stolen her Eggs as they were informed by the Skull Kid that they are a clue to reaching the Great Bay Temple, which is said to house a treasure.[62] But the Pirates had lost three of the seven Eggs to the Deep Pythons of Pinnacle Rock, leaving them with only four while they frantically try to recover them before the Zoras can.[63][64] When Lulu's friend, Mikau, came to get the Eggs back, the Pirates beat him up such that he dies of his injuries. When Link found the dying Zora, Mikau begged him to finish what he started and return the Eggs to the Marine Research Lab.[57] Link accepts and heads to the Pirates' Fortress. Using his newly acquired Zora Mask, he manages to infiltrate the Fortress and bypass the first group of guards. Deep within the Fortress, Link overhears a conversation between Aveil and one of her underlings about how they discovered the Eggs and lost three of them. Link scares Aveil and her underlings away by shooting a Giant Bee hive hanging from the ceiling, allowing him to retrieve one of the Eggs and the Hookshot the Pirates stole from the Fisherman at the Coast a long time ago.[65] Making use of his new tool, Link explores the rest of the Fortress in search of the remaining three Eggs. In doing so, he comes face to face with three Pirate swordswomen,[66] each of which guards another Egg.

After Link retrieves the Eggs and takes them to the Marine Research Lab, the Gerudo begin to search for the Zora in green responsible.[67] However, they never find him. Later, as Link enters the Great Bay Temple, the Gerudo Pirates attempt to follow suit on a boat, only to get capsized by the cyclone surrounding the Temple.

Koume and Kotake also appear in Majora's Mask, though they are not explicitly referred to as Gerudo in this game. They live in the Southern Swamp, where they respectively host the Boat Cruise and own a Potion Shop.

During the game's ending, the Gerudo Pirates are last seen heading off somewhere on a boat, only to head back immediately afterward.

Four Swords Adventures[]

Gerudo FSA

After Ganondorf's failed execution at the Arbiter's Grounds before Twilight Princess, the Gerudo were driven out of their home in the Gerudo Desert. They found a new home in the Desert of Doubt in the southwest corner of Hyrule and began working to restore their ties to the Hylians by denouncing former leader.[68] As a result, they are no longer hostile to outsiders,[69] and have a good reputation in Hyrule.[70] They appear to lead nomadic lives, as they live in tents. The Desert's Pyramid is a sacred and holy place to the Gerudo,[71] as it houses the Trident, a relic containing enormous power.[72] It is forbidden in Gerudo law for anyone to enter the Pyramid.[73]

A new Gerudo male, who was also named Ganondorf, was eventually born and became the Gerudo's guardian.[10] However, he hungered for power much like his namesake, and had entered the Desert in search of the fabled Pyramid, and in doing so had violated his people's laws.[71][73] Though the Gerudo were aware of his lust for power, they assumed he would not make it far and would perish along the way. Following his departure, the Gerudo had closed the passage to the Desert to prevent others from also seeking the Pyramid.[74] Against their belief, Ganondorf had successfully reached the Pyramid. When he had touched the Trident, he was transformed into Ganon, the King of Darkness, just as the previous Gerudo king had. Ganon became directly responsible for all of the events that would transpire thereafter, as his theft of the Dark Mirror had spawned the Shadow Links,[75] one of which had tricked Link into releasing Vaati. While Ganondorf is frequently mentioned by the Gerudo, he is never seen in his Gerudo form in-game. Aside from the current Ganondorf, the original Ganondorf's lingering hatred was responsible for the creation of the Shadow Links.[76]

When the Links enter the Gerudo village in search of the Purple Maiden, they are initially denied access to the Desert due to Ganondorf's violation. However, upon learning of their quest, the Gerudo reopen the gateway so they could pass.

Breath of the Wild[]

The Gerudo mainly reside in Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild. They are led by their chief, Riju. Due to her mother's untimely death, she was forced to take the throne as a child. In the Era of the Wilds, the Gerudo are a peaceful race, though they still do not permit men into their home, Gerudo Town.

One hundred years ago, the Guardians' assault did not reach Gerudo's lands.[16]

According to Gerudo records there has not been another male Gerudo leader since the king who became the Calamity.[16]

Tears of the Kingdom[]

Other Appearances[]

Cadence of Hyrule[]

The Gerudo live at peace with the Hylians and other races in Kingdom of Hyrule in Cadence of Hyrule, even holding positive relations with the Zora.[77] They can be found living in Gerudo Village where they follow their leader, Barriara.[78] Ganondorf is also prince to the Gerudo, though he is too young to rule.[79] They specialize in technology, as their leader sports a mechanical arm and they have multiple mechanics on hand.[80] This is the only instance in the series where the tribe has both a female leader and a prince, a direct contrast to the traditions in Ocarina of Time and the matrilineal chiefdom in Breath of the Wild.[9][11] When Cadence, Link, Yves, and Zelda arrive to the Gerudo Village, they find that the Gerudo can no longer check in on him as Barriara blocks the way to his house, having been put into a deep sleep by Octavo's Golden Lute.[81][82] After being woken up, she gives the heroes the Power Glove as thanks and moves out of the way.


  • In Ocarina of Time, due to graphical limitations of the Nintendo 64, the clothing and lips of Nabooru's Gerudo deputy uses the color palette of Link's tunic. If he were to switch to the Goron or Zora Tunic, her's would match him. Due to a bug, if a Bomb is used, the Gerudo deputy will flash correspondingly as it is about to explode.


The names of the Gerudo and Gerudo Desert were likely chosen based on the enemies introduced in The Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past, the sand-dwilling Geldarm (ゲルドアーム, Gerudoāmu) and Geldman (ゲルドマン, Gerudoman). One page in the Hyrule Historia,[83] showing the Gerudo typography, implies that Nintendo originally intended for the Gerudo to be translated as Geldo. The Germanic name element ger means "spear".[84]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゲルド (Gerudo)
海賊 (Kaizoku) (MM)
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 格鲁德族 (Gélǔdé Zú) Gerudo Clan
ERROR: You must enter a country code. ChineseTR 格魯德族 (Gélǔdé Zú) Cerudo Clan
French Republic FrenchEU Les Gerudos The Gerudos
Federal Republic of Germany German Die Gerudos
Gerudo-Piratinnen (MM)
The Gerudos
Gerudo Pirates
Italian Republic Italian Gerudo
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 겔드 (TP)
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Pirata Gerudo Gerudo Pirates


See Also[]


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