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Geozard Chiefs are stronger variants of Geozards in Spirit Tracks.[1]


Geozard Chiefs are characteristically unique compared to Geozards in both their red coloration and their ability to spew fire from their mouths. Though this was a trait among all Geozards in Phantom Hourglass, basic Geozards in Spirit Tracks lack this ability. By nature, they are more fierce than regular Geozards. Geozard Chiefs have a propensity for jumping great distances across rooms to distance themselves and protect their undefended backsides. Typically after distancing themselves, Geozard Chiefs will blow fire back and forth in whatever direction they face.

Like Geozards, Geozard Chiefs can be stunned by a Boomerang strike from behind, which will temporarily incapacitate them. It is possible to steal a Geozard Chief's shield by using the Whip, removing their primary source of defense. Princess Zelda can inhabit a Phantom and protect Link from and distract Geozard Chiefs. Without their shields, Geozard Chiefs can be damaged by Phantom Zelda's sword strikes. Geozard Chiefs are also incapable of defending against strikes from Wrecker Phantoms, succumbing to them within three hits.

A lone Geozard Chief guards the Ocean Rail Map on Floor 11 during Link's third trip through the Tower of Spirits. In the final ascent through the Tower of Spirits, three Geozard Chiefs challenge Link on Floor 26 in the penultimate room before the chamber housing the Compass of Light.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ギョマゾンリーダー (Gyomazon Rīdā) Fish-mazon Leader
Federal Republic of Germany German Geozard-Häuptling Geozard Chief
Italian Republic Italian Geozard capo



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