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Genli is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.[4]


Genli is a Rito child who lives in Rito Village. She can initially be found in the Village's Kitchen, where she asks who Link is and if he has come to stop Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[5] Genli is upset if Link confirms he has, as Kheel will make her go to singing practice if everything returns to normal.[6] She feels bad that Molli's father, Harth got hurt, but she does not want to practice.[7] According to Amali, Genli and her sisters have become needier since Divine Beast Vah Medoh started flying around.[1]

After the "Divine Beast Vah Medoh" Main Quest has been completed, Link can find Kheel at Warbler's Nest. She is angry that Genli and the rest of her sisters have not arrived for their rehearsal.[8] They are supposed to perform for Kaneli, the elder of Rito Village, but Kheel thinks are not prepared to do so.[9]

Since Link is a scary Hylian, Kheel asks him to find her sisters and remind them of rehearsal.[10] However, she thinks Genli will be difficult, as she is probably in the Kitchen demanding Salmon Meunière.[11] This begins the "Recital at Warbler's Nest" Shrine Quest.

Back in Rito Village, Genli can be found in the Kitchen, where she is begging for Salmon Meunière.[12] She refuses to practice with Kheel until she gets it.[13] The rest of her sisters have already left to gather ingredients for her, though she did not expect them to listen to her.[14] Genli does not want to practice her singing, but she still does want Salmon Meunière.[15] She wonders what is taking them so long, as they were only supposed to go to The Slippery Falcon.[16]

When Link speaks to Notts, Kotts, and Cree, they will each give him one ingredient on the condition he makes Salmon Meunière for Genli.[17][18][19] In the Kitchen, Genli can smell Salmon Meunière if Link has it on him.[20] She frantically asks Link to let her have it.[21] She is very excited when Link allows her to have some, and she eats it immediately.[22]

Reminded of her promise to her sisters, Genli realizes she should uphold her word.[23] While she enjoys singing, she gets nervous doing so in front of others.[24] She thinks that her stage fright might be cured if she practices with her sisters.[25] Genli thanks Link for the Salmon Meunière, claiming it was soft, flaky, and delicious.[26] Deciding to give the rehearsal her all, she asks Link to come visit.[27]

At Warbler's Nest, Genli is found happily singing with the rest of her sisters.[28] All the singing she is doing is making her hungry, and she asks Link if he wants to hear her stomach's song or a song about Warbler's Nest.[29] When Link asks to hear the Warbler's Nest song, the sisters will recite the song together. Once Voo Lota Shrine rises from the ground, Genli will remark that it is cool that Warbler's Nest had such a secret.[30] The sisters decide to leave to inform their mother,[31] and the five of them race back to Rito Village.

Afterwards, Genli practices singing with her sisters near Akh Va'quot Shrine.[32] She shows off her singing to Link,[33] admitting that she never would have realized how much she likes to sing if Link had not helped Kheel.[34] Now, she is having fun with her sisters.[35]

After Link has completed all of the Ancient Shrines, Genli notices that he looks cooler.[36] She congratulates him and calls him a good boy.[37] If Link speaks to her again, she notes he looks like he is hungry.[38]

Once Kass has returned to Rito Village, Genli and her sisters spend all time singing with him.[2] On her way home at the end of the day, Genli reveals that Kaneli likes the way she sings.[39] She decides to eat some Salmon Meunière, as she can practice more tomorrow.[40]


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