"Say, you're the one who fixed my master up, right? I owe you! My name's Gengle. I'm the leader of the cats outside. Well, well... Now that I can move, maybe I should go outside and breathe some fresh air..."
— Gengle

Gengle is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is the feline companion of Jovani. Due to Jovani's overwhelming desire for riches, Gengle has been transformed into gold, and cannot move from his perch atop Jovani's head. Because of this, none of his fellow cats in Hyrule Castle Town have seen him lately, and they show concern over their friend.

After Wolf Link defeats twenty Imp Poes and recovers their Poe Souls, Gengle is restored to flesh and blood. Although when Gengle is returned to normal, he does not go outside to join with his fellow felines. When Link has retrieved sixty Poe Souls, Jovani is restored to flesh and blood again and Gengle will give Wolf Link 200 Rupees whenever he talks to him. However, he will not give money if Wolf Link asks again without leaving Castle Town and coming back.

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