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Gear Shop
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The Gear Shop location featured in Skyward Sword.[1] It is one of the many shops in the Skyloft Bazaar and is run by Rupin.


The Gear Shop is where Link can buy projectiles for his weapons, additional projectile containers, as well as shields. As Link's adventure continues, Rupin's inventory will grow and allow new items for purchase.[2]

Should Link want to buy a projectile container or a shield while his Adventure Pouch is full, Rupin will not let him, instead asking him to leave items at the Item Check before trying again.[3] Naturally, Rupin will also not let Link purchase additonal projectiles should Link not possess its weapon or is already carrying his limit on a particular projectile.[4] Rupin may also advise Link to visit the Scrap Shop to upgrade the items he sells.[5]

Wares and Pricing

Item Price
SS Small Quiver Icon.png
Small Quiver
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees
SS Small Seed Satchel Icon.png
Small Seed Satchel
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees
SS Bomb Bag Icon.png
Bomb Bag
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 150 Rupees
No Image Upload.png
Deku Seeds (10)
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 20 Rupees
Arrows (10) SS Green Rupee Icon.png 20 Rupees
SS Bomb Icon.png
Bombs (10)
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 20 Rupees
SS Wooden Shield Icon.png
Wooden Shield
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
SS Iron Shield Icon.png
Iron Shield
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees
SS Sacred Shield Icon.png
Sacred Shield
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 500 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanItem-Laden (SS)Item Shop
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