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Gaurof Sword
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A city bordering Gerudo Desert
Driving off and sealing deities
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The Gaurof Sword,[1] also known as the Secret Sword,[1] is a powerful weapon in the Twilight Princess manga by Akira Himekawa.

Location and Uses

Before the manga's events, the Gaurof Sword was kept in a city that guarded the border of a desert.[2] It was rumored to be stronger than magic and have the power to drive off a god.[3][4] For unknown reasons it was embedded in a stone and the city's youth were forbidden to go near it.[5] Thousands had tried to pull the Sword from the stone but failed.[6]

Darpa takes Link, Rioma, and Zeu to see the Gaurof Sword, as he wishes to acquire it.[3] Rioma reminds him that they were told not to go near it by parents and teachers.[5] Darpa ignores this statement and goes forward.[7] He tries to pull the Sword from its stone and fails.[8] Darpa urges Link to try, saying that if he pulls it out, he will be a hero.[9] Unaware of the glowing Triforce mark on his hand, Link draws the Sword from its stone.[10] The crack in the stone where the Sword was embedded sucks the boys and city inside, with the Gaurof Sword itself in the midst.[11] A death god rises and pulls Link down with it into the darkness.[12] Link is the only survivor of this catastrophe.[13]


The Gaurof Sword appears to have taken inspiration from the Master Sword. It has the same blade shape and shallow fuller that the Master Sword is often seen with. It also has a diamond shaped gemstone in the crossguard's center similar to the Master Sword's. The Gaurof Sword being stuck in a stone nobody can free it from, except a certain individual, may have been taken from Arthurian legend.


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