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Gasoringo is the first boss in Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love.[name reference needed]


At the beginning of Page 6, Tingle and company stop in Vegetable Village, due to a malfunction with the Tinliner fuel supply. Because the Tinliner only works with a plant-based fuel, the group must find a gasoline apple-like fruit called Gasoringo. However, the tree will only grow under specific conditions.

After several events, including obtaining Seeds of Gasoringo, and finding proper soil to plant them, a gasoline apple tree finally grows. But, instead of a normal tree, it reveals to be a large three-eyed plant monster.


In order to defeat it, Tingle must use the aid of his three friends, Kakashi, Buriki, and Lion (Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love). They all have to use their various abilities at certain points in the battle. Firstly, Lion's strength is needed to topple the tree, revealing a hole where Kakashi can crawl in. Secondly, Kakashi will lower Gasoringo's head, making it easy for Tingle to shoot its eyes with the Slingshot. After that, Gasoringo throws a grenade-like fruit to the group, and when the grenade is about to explode, Buriki is required to kick it back to the creature. Once all the remaining eyes are damaged, Gasoringo will explode, leaving the apples behind for Tingle and friends to use them.


Gasoringo's name may be a portmanteau of the Japanese pronunciation of gasoline, ガソリン (Gasorin), and the Japanese word for apple, りんご (Ringo).

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Japan Japanese 大炎上果実 ガソリンゴ (Dai Enjō Kajitsu Gasoringo)