"Do you have any Gasha Seeds? If you plant one in soft earth, it will grow into a tree that bears nuts! Inside those nuts, you'll find all sorts of things!"
Mayor Ruul
Gasha Seed

Gasha Seeds are items that appear in both The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. They are blue, teardrop-shaped seeds that can be planted in Soft Soil and grown into Gasha Trees, which bear Gasha Nuts. These nuts hold treasure that Link can obtain. Gasha Seeds can be found in many places.

In Oracle of Seasons, Link is given a Gasha Seed from Mayor Ruul when he first arrives in Horon Village. They can also be found inside chests, be bought in shops or found on top of both the female and male Maku Trees.

Gasha Tree without Nut

When Link finds a spot of soft soil, he can plant a Gasha Seed in it, if a Seed has not been planted in it already. Spots of soft soil can be found all over Labrynna and Holodrum, sometimes in plain sight, but also beneath rocks and hidden under earth. When a Gasha Seed has been planted, it eventually grows a Gasha Nut once Link defeats at least 40 enemies afterwards. Some actions, like uncovering hidden stairwells, killing large amounts of enemies, helping people out, and using the Gasha Ring causes Gasha Trees to mature quickly. Items that can be found inside Gasha Nuts are Seed Rings, Rupees, fairies, Magic Potions and a Piece of Heart.

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