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Gasha Nut
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OoS Gasha Nut Sprite.png
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Obtaining Magic Rings
Obtaining a Piece of Heart

Gasha Nuts are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed]

Location and Uses

Gasha Nuts are large, red nuts that grow on Gasha Tree, which are grown by planting Gasha Seeds into patches of soft Soil. They contain random items which may include Magic Rings, Hearts, Fairies, Rupees, Potions, and a one-time-only Piece of Heart. Once a Gasha Tree has matured, Link can cut down the Gasha Nut by slashing it with his Sword. The Gasha Nut is only a transitional object and is not actually collected; it is instantly opened with Link obtaining the item inside.

Once a Gasha Nut is cut down from a Gasha Tree, the Tree then shrivels down and disappears, reverting to a patch of Soil.


Gasha Nuts are likely named after the similarly functioning Gashapon, with their Japanese name being based on the alternative spelling "gachapon".

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