"I can't see it, but I sense there's a thirst for blood looming all around us... Don't you have a mask that can summon the unseen?"

Garo Robes are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. These mysterious, robed figures appear in various places around Ikana Canyon. Tatl will tell Link that she senses a "thirst for blood" when he is standing where a Garo Robe lies in wait; once Link dons the Garo's Mask, a Garo Robe appears, mistaking Link for the Garo Master. Upon realizing its mistake, the Garo unsheathes its blades and battles Link. The Garo Robe encircles itself and Link within a ring of fire, preventing Link from retreating. It attacks Link by charging with its blades held forward. If Link simply blocks this attack, the Garo Robe will fall back and drop its weapons, leaving it vulnerable to an attack from Link. Once the Garo Robe is defeated, it tells Link certain secrets of the Ikana Kingdom and the canyon. After the information has been "passed on", the Garo Robe vanishes into nothingness, as is customary of the Garo.


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