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Dark Beast, Ganon (ガノン Ganon?, Hylian GHylian AHylian NHylian OHylian N) is a giant boss and ultimate form of the Demon King, Ganondorf the main antagonist in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is final boss in Legends Mode in Hyrule Warriors, appearing after the Hyrulean Forces defeat Ganondorf in the final chapter, Liberation of the Triforce. In Adventure Mode, he appears in the final mission, summoned by Cia as a last-ditch effort to overcome her enemies. In both cases, the heroes must defeat Ganon to reclaim the Triforce and undo the evil brought upon their world. He is also the only playable giant boss in Hyrule Warriors in the DLC Challenge Mode Ganon's Fury.


During his first phase, Ganon initially wields powers of other giant bosses (except The Imprisoned), which can be disabled with the same weapons used against their inspirations:

  • When Ganon hovers in the air, surrounded by a vortex of darkness, he will breath fire like Argorok. After attacking, his tail will glow blue - use the Hookshot/Clawshot on it to pull Ganon down from the sky. In Ganon's Fury, this attack is a Boss Attack Item called Burning Breath.
  • When Ganon raises his right hand and gathers orange energy in his palm, he will launch a large fireball similar to one of King Dodongo's attacks. Throwing Bombs/Super Bomb at his hand before the Fireball is charged will interrupt the attack and damage Ganon. In Ganon's Fury, this attack is a Boss Attack Item called Fireball.
  • When Ganon reveals a red, Gohma-like eye on his left bracer and gathers blue energy, he will fire a large orb of electricity at his foes. After firing, the eye turns blue - shoot it with the Bow/Sacred Bow to damage Ganon. In Ganon's Fury, this attack is a Boss Attack Item called Ganon Bomb.
  • When Ganon braces both hands against the ground, his shoulder spikes will open up and fire a barrage of spikes in front of him. Like Manhandla before him, this attack can be negated by throwing the Boomerang/Gale Boomerang at Ganon's "mouths" before they close up. Unlike his other "boss" attacks, this one will require two hits to permanently disable it. In Ganon's Fury, this attack is a Boss Attack Item called Fury Horn.

Each time one of these attacks is negated, part of Ganon's body will show damage - his tail and right tusk will break off, his bracers will be damaged, and his shoulder spikes will be reduced to stumps. He will no longer use the corresponding attack when each part is destroyed.

After losing all of his "boss" attacks, Ganon will begin using new moves, including beams and waves of dark energy and brutal physical attacks. Zelda (or Ruto if the player is using Zelda as their character) will provide Light Arrows to use against the Demon Beast - fire them when his forehead glows purple to stun him and expose his weak spot. While stunned, pummel Ganon as much as possible until he gets back up - the length of his stun time depends on how many allied commanders are still on the battlefield - and repeat the process until he finally falls.

Ganon's Fury

Outside of the main story and Adventure Mode, Ganon is also playable in the DLC Challenge Mode, Ganon's Fury which is part of the Boss Pack DLC. Defeating other Bosses allows Ganon to obtain Boss Attack Items that act as Ganon's own set of unique items that allow him to use the attacks of the bosses he defeats. Like most playable characters can perform combos, a Special Attack, Focus Spirit, and a powerful Focus Spirit Attack. He uses his King of Evil Trident during his weak point attacks and as part of his Focus Spirit Attack. However unlike other playable characters he is larger and capable of making Bosses flinch when he attacks them due to being of similar size.

Material Drops

  • Silver Material - Ganon's Mane
  • Gold Material - Ganon's Fang


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