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Dark Beast, Ganon (ガノン Ganon?, Hylian GHylian AHylian NHylian OHylian N) is a giant boss and ultimate form of the Demon King, Ganondorf the main antagonist in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. He is final boss in Legends Mode in Hyrule Warriors, appearing after the Hyrulean Forces defeat Ganondorf in the final chapter, Liberation of the Triforce. In Adventure Mode, he appears in the final mission, summoned by Cia as a last-ditch effort to overcome her enemies. In both cases, the heroes must defeat Ganon to reclaim the Triforce and undo the evil brought upon their world. He is also the only playable giant boss in Hyrule Warriors in the DLC Challenge Mode Ganon's Fury.

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