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The logo of the Game Boy Player.

The Game Boy Player was an accessory released for the Nintendo GameCube.[1] It plugs into the "Hi-Speed Port" on the bottom of the GameCube. The Player contains actual Game Boy Advance hardware but it requires a boot disc to run. All Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles and nearly all Game Boy Advance titles can be played on the Game Boy Player; there are exceptions such as the Game Boy Advance Video series which cannot be played on the Game Boy Player, however (to prevent users from recording the videos to VHS and other recordable media).

The Game Boy Player attached to a Nintendo GameCube

The Legend of Zelda games compatible with the Game Boy Player


  • An issue of Nintendo Power mentioned that a player could play all Zelda games released up to that point on the Nintendo GameCube if the player owned both the Collector's Edition and a Game Boy Player. This statement reaffirms that the CD-i Zelda games are not considered canon Zelda games by Nintendo.