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Gambling is a recurring Mini-Game in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] Gambling goes unnamed in The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda[]

TLoZ Old Man Misc

The Money Making Game from The Legend of Zelda

Within the first dungeon of The Legend of Zelda, Link is told by an Old Man that the "EASTMOST PENINSULA IS THE SECRET". By traveling to the eastmost peninsula on the map, Link finds an explorable tree, home to another Old Man. This Old Man will challenge Link to the "Money Making Game" in which Link must walk over one of the three Rupees lined up on the floor. The game is set up in a way so that Link may either lose the amount shown, or win Rupees. Upon entering the tree, all Rupees are designated a "-10", meaning that the first move Link makes in the game will cost him 10 Rupees. After the first move however, the Rupee values move further into the negatives (i.e. -40, -20, etc) or rise into positive range (i.e. +20, +40, etc). The game can be played without end.

Breath of the Wild[]

Link can gamble in All or Nothing, a house located in Lurelin Village. It is a Mini-Game of luck that can be played by Link when he talks to Cloyne, either by talking to him directly or opening one of his Treasure Chests without talking to him first. In the Mini-Game, Link must bet a certain amount of Rupees and choose one of three Treasure Chests for a chance to win more.[1] Only one Treasure Chest will contain more Rupees than what he originally bet, and the other two will only contain a single Rupee.[2] If Link bets at least ten Rupees, he will have a chance to win a Red Rupee; betting at least 50 Rupees will give him a chance to win a Silver Rupee; betting the maximum 100 Rupees will give him a chance to win a Gold Rupee. If Link tries to leave the house after betting Rupees without opening one of the Treasure Chests, Cloyne will stop him from leaving and call him back inside.[3]

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