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This is a gallery page featuring promotional and pre-release media from and relating to Hyrule Warriors.

Box Art

Limited Editions




Weapons and Items




Official Website

Nintendo Direct

E3 2014 Trailer

Video Gallery


Hyrule Warriors Direct
Reveal Trailer
E3 2014 Trailer
Features Trailer
Cucco Trailer
Launch Trailer

Character Exhibition Videos

Link – Hylian Sword
Link – Magic Rod
Link – Gauntlet
Impa – Giant Blade
Impa – Naginata
Sheik - Harp
Lana – Book of Sorcery
Lana - Spear
Zelda – Rapier
Zelda - Baton
Ganondorf - Great Swords
Darunia - Hammer
Ruto - Zora Scale
Agitha – Parasol
Midna – Shackle
Zant - Scimitar
Fi – Goddess Blade
Ghirahim - Demon Blade
Cia - Scepter
Volga - Dragon Spear
Wizzro - Ring

Downloadable Content

Link - Spinner (amiibo)
Ocarina of Time Costumes
Twilight Princess Costumes
Skyward Sword Costumes
Ganondorf Costumes
Master Quest Pack
Twilight Princess Pack
Majora's Mask Pack
Boss Pack