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Twilit Igniter: Fyrus is the Boss of the Goron Mines in Twilight Princess.[1] And is the second boss of the game.


After a disturbance of volcanic activity in Death Mountain, Darbus, the patriarch of the Gorons, went into the Goron Mines to investigate the cause as well as to check on the status of the Mines' Fused Shadow. Fyrus is the form that Darbus assumed after being transformed by the power of the Fused Shadow.[2] Due to his ferocity and inability to control himself from the transformation, as well as causing destruction in the Mines, the Goron elders locked him away deep inside the Goron Mines to prevent him from causing further damage.[3]


Midna's Comments
Midna says:

The fact that it could change a Goron into a beast like this proves that the power was forbidden for a reason...

show more...

Hey! Did you see his forehead? I'm sensing some powerful magic coming out of that shining spot on his forehead...

Can't you use those chains around his ankle to stop him from moving around? He's all out of sorts! Now's your chance!

As soon as he collapses, you've got to go for his crystal eye!

Defeating something that big and burly isn't going to be easy. There you go! Keep doing that and then keep attacking that eye on his forehead!

When Link enters Fyrus's chamber, he finds that he is chained to pillars within the room. When Fyrus detects Link, the gem on his forehead lights up and he ignites, ripping the chains from the pillars that bind him. Fyrus will then attack Link with three attacks, such as using the chains on his arms as whips, unleasing a massive fire wave from around, or by spewing out flames from his mouth, Fyrus must first be stunned by shooting the glowing jewel on his head with an Arrow using the Hero's Bow, causing him to run around in pain for a short while. Link must then equip the Iron Boots and grab the end of one of the chains attached to Fyrus's legs and pull, causing him to fall over. Afterward, the jewel on his forehead becomes vulnerable and Link can attack with his Sword. When Fyrus finally recovers, he proceeds to emit a wave of fire that can damage Link, who must get as far away from him as possible after attacking. Alternatively, Link can shoot Fyrus's gem and then wait until he calms down, then shoot him again. Eventually he will fall down and can be instantly defeated with the finishing blow.

Once Fyrus is defeated, the Twilight matter from his altered form fuses into one piece, creating the second Fused Shadow. Link is able to look upon a confused Darbus as the Goron returns to his normal self, completely unaware of what has just happened.[4] Link is also awarded with a Heart Container.


Fyrus's name is a portmanteau of fire and Darbus, the name of Fyrus's original form.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 覚醒火炎獣 マグドフレイモス (Kakusei Kaenjū Magudofureimosu) Awoken Flame Beast: Magdoflamoth
French-speaking countries French Magmaudit, Créature pyrogène du Crépuscule Magmaudit, Pyrogen Creature of Twilight
Canada FrenchCA Magdoflamoth
Federal Republic of Germany German Flammende Bestie: Flammatron Flaming Beast: Flammatron
Italian Republic Italian Pyrus, il vulcano del crepuscolo Pyrus, the Volcano of Twilight
ERROR: You must enter a country code. Korean 각성화염마 마그파이러스 (Gakseong Hwayeom'ma Mageupaireoseu) Awakened Flame Demon: Magpyrus
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Pyrus, Demonio Ígneo de las Sombras Pyrus, Igneous Demon of the Shadows


  • Fyrus is the first and only boss in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to only have one phase in the battle, while the other bosses have two or more phases in their battle.
  • If Link hides behind one of the many pillars in the arena before Fyrus wakes up after being knocked down, Fyrus will look around the arena to try and find Link. This will go on until Fyrus spots him.



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  3. "He began to rage through the mines, trailing ruin behind him...and the eruptions grew more frequent and more severe. We used all of our strength to seal him deep inside the mountain..." — Gor Coron (Twilight Princess)
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