"Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication... It's our grand reopening at our new lake-bottom location... Whee."

Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication is a tourist attraction from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is run out of Lake Hylia by the former circus performers, Fyer and Falbi. The attraction consists of two events, the Human-cannonball Ride and Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl.

The two events make money by charging a certain amount of Rupees for their services; the Human-cannonball Ride costs ten Rupees, and after Link pays the fee, Fyer shoots the hero out of a cannon to a cliff overlooking Lake Hylia. Here Link find's Falbi's shack, where it costs twenty Rupees to take part in the Flight-by-Fowl mini-game. Both attractions are used to get in and out of Lake Hylia; Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl to enter, and the Human-cannonball Ride to exit.

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