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Fuse is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Uses[]

The Fuse ability is obtained in the In-isa Shrine at the Great Sky Island. Magically fuse objects to Link’s current weapon, shield, or arrow to increase durability, damage, or even add a new effect. Experiment with lots of different combinations to come up with surprising—and sometimes hilarious—results, for example, fusing a Keese Eyeball onto an arrow allows it to home in on a target. Fusing also improves the new gear's durability.

Fused objects can be detached in the inventory.[1] Fused gear will also be renamed, with the new name being based on the material that was fused with the base gear.

Captain Constructs have the ability to fuse weapons with nearby objects, this is often done with Zonai devices, as well as fusable objects, and is choreographed with a laser like whip, allowing you time to react.

List of Fusable objects[]

Non-Items/Objects are things that are fusable but do not have an item form.