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Furosa is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Furosa is a Gerudo who manages The Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. When Link speaks to Furosa, she greets him and is surprised to see a "Hylian vai" in Town.[3] Furosa comments that Link seems too young for the special adult drinks that she mixes.[4] If Link asks about the special drinks, Furosa explains that they make the drinks with the Ice from the Northern Icehouse.[5]

If Link asks for drink recommendations, Furosa tells him about their featured cocktail, the Noble Pursuit.[6] She describes the taste of the Noble Pursuit as a light, sweet and cool sensation and that it is like drinking "distilled motivation."[7] When asked if they serve Milk, Furosa is appalled by the idea of serving something so childish.[8] She then complains, thinking that Greta sent Link to say that as a prank and criticizes the Gerudo Secret Club for only drawing young people's attention.[9]

When Link ends the conversation, Furosa comments that she has not seen Pokki in a while,[10] explaining that she used to come to The Noble Canteen every day to drink a Noble Pursuit.[11] Furosa cuts herself off and apologizes after realizing that there is no reason to talk to Link about this.[12]

During "The Perfect Drink" Shrine Quest, Link can try to order a Noble Pursuit from Furosa.[13] However, she needs a huge amount of ice to make the drink and she is all out.[14] In addition, due to its strength, she refuses to sell it to Link.[15] After Link informs her that it is for Pokki,[16] she laments that she can not carry the Ice from the Northern Icehouse.[17]

Link can offer to retrieve the Ice on Furosa's behalf.[18] Since Pokki is her best customer, Furosa is grateful that Link wants to help.[19] She tells Link that if he explains the situation to Anche, she will allow him to take the Ice,[20] but he should get there while the sun is up since Anche goes to bed early.[21] Once she realizes the distance Link would have to carry the Ice, Furosa offers to take it from him at the entrance to the ruins between the Northern Icehouse and Gerudo Town.[22]

Upon arriving to the Northern Icehouse, Link gets permission from Anche to take some Ice once she finds out it is for Furosa.[1] She warns Link to take the heat into account as he moves, as Furosa has no use for water.[23] After this, the Carry the Ice! Mini-Game will begin. Link must now carry the block of Ice to Furosa, who is waiting for Link past the ruins south of the Icehouse.

If Link is not wearing the Gerudo Set, Furosa realizes that he is a man but decides it does not matter.[24] She confirms that he has brought her Ice from the Northern Icehouse and that it is in good shape.[25][26] She tells him that she may be able to make the best Noble Pursuit she has ever made with the Ice he brought.[27][28] Furosa asks Link to inform Pokki that the "best drink ever" is waiting for her,[29][30] and she believes Pokki will come running when she hears about it.[31][32]

When Pokki has returned to The Noble Canteen, she and Furosa can be found speaking to each other at the bar. Pokki asks if there is any better than the taste of a Noble Pursuit.[33] Furosa is shocked Pokki ran all the way from Misae Suma Shrine when she was at death's door and asks if she has given up investigating the Ancient Shrine.[34] When Pokki calls the work dull,[35] Furosa reveals that she never thought it would be her thing.[36] Pokki declares that her thing is drinking.[37]

Furosa is thankful that Link was able to help Pokki, claiming that while she heard people outside of Gerudo Town are cold, Link does not seem to be.[38] She tells Link to come back to The Noble Canteen when he is of age, at which point they will celebrate with a Noble Pursuit.[39]

If Link talks to Anche again, she will ask him to deliver more Ice to Furosa for her.[40] Anche charges Link 50 Rupees for the ice and explains that Furosa will reimburse him.[41] Link is timed during this delivery.

Furosa will reward Link depending on how quickly he delivered the Ice. If Link takes more than two minutes to reach Furosa, she will call him a professional at delivering Ice.[42] She considers a Silver Rupee an ample payment for his services.[43] Furosa also remarks that managing the Northern Icehouse seems to suit Anche and makes her happy.[44] If Link reaches Furosa in under two minutes, she will be shocked with his time.[45] She claims that he has gone beyond her expectations and calls him a savant,[46] rewarding him with a Gold Rupee.[47] Furosa also states that Anche must be happy , since the Ice seems to be happy as well.[48]

After giving Link his reward, Furosa asks Link if he is willing to make another delivery.[49] Once again, Link will have to pay Anche the 50 Rupee fee.[50] If Link accepts, Furosa tells him that she will be waiting for his delivery.[51] However, if Link refuses, she tells him to talk to Anche when he feels up to it.[52]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRFurosa
JapanJapaneseフロス (Furosu)
Latin AmericaSpanishLANesooru
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