"This is where all the children of Hyrule learn. Link and Princess Zelda studied here, too. The two teachers are twins named Tina and Dina."

The Funday School is a location from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. It is the school for all the children living in Hyrule Town, and was attended by Link and Princess Zelda in their childhood. The teachers of the Funday School are the twin sisters, Tina & Dina.

The statue of Minister Potho inside the Funday School can be moved aside to reveal a stairway leading to the large cavern beneath Hyrule Town. Also, outside the school in the fenced-in area, a certain flower bed can be tranversed as a Minish that requires the power of the Four Sword to reach the Piece of Heart inside.


The Funday School is a pun on real-world "Sunday school", combined with the word "fun".

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