Frypolar is the mini-boss of the Sword & Shield Maze, the eighth and final dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It appears as a cloud of elemental energy with a face and arms, alternating between fire and ice.


While in its fire form, Frypolar spits two trails of fire after Link. In ice form, it causes a trail of ice crystals to erupt along the floor, attempting to spear Link from underneath with it. Frypolar can be forced to change between its ice and fire forms by shooting a Mystery Seed at it, although this does no damage to it. In its fire form, it cannot be damaged by any of Link's seeds. In its ice form, Frypolar can be damaged by Ember Seeds.

A more effective way to damage Frypolar is to use its own attack against it. Using a Mystery Seed on the ice trail made by Frypolar's ice form creates smaller ice chunks that can be picked up with the aid of the Power Bracelet. Once Frypolar turns back into its fire form, Link can throw the ice chunk at it to deal a large amount of damage. After it has sustained enough damage, Frypolar will be defeated.


Frypolar (Oracle of Seasons)

Frypolar (Oracle of Seasons)


The name "Frypolar" is a portmanteau of "fry" and "polar". The word "fry" means to cook over heat, referring to Frypolar's fire attacks, and "polar" is a reference to the North or South pole, where it is very cold, referring to Frypolar's ice attacks. Interestingly, the name is possibly a play on the word "bipolar", as in bipolar disorder, a mental illness in which a person goes through alternating episodes of mania and depression, a possible reference to Frypolar's alternation between fire and ice. It is unknown if this was done intentionally or if it is a coincidence.

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