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Frypolar is a spirit of ice and fire which serves as mini-boss of the Sword & Shield Maze in Oracle of Seasons.[1]


Frypolar will regularly shift between the two elements of ice and fire during the battle. In its fire form, it is capable of shooting multiple fiery geysers that will harm Link upon contact. In its ice form, however, it will create pillars of ice from the ground, which also serve as a hazard to Link. Link may either shoot Ember Seeds when it is in ice form to inflict damage, or may alternatively sprinkle a Mystery Seed on an ice pillar to make them smaller. The latter can be picked up with the Power Bracelet, and thrown at the boss to cause it massive harm. When it is in its fiery form, Link may also shoot a Mystery Seed at it to make it change element, making the process faster.


  • Twinrova from Ocarina of Time, Gleeok from Phantom Hourglass, and Fraaz from Spirit Tracks are all similar to Frypolar in the sense that they use fire and ice attacks, and their own attacks can be used against them.
  • Frypolar is the only mini-boss in Oracle of Seasons to have an introduction; two beams of fire and ice assemble at the center of the room, before combining to create the boss.


Frypolar's name is possibly a play on the word "bipolar," a reference to its dual elemental nature. "Fry" relates to fire, and "polar" relates to ice. Likewise, its Japanese name, ファイス (Fice), is a portmanteau of ファイア (Fire) and アイス (Ice)

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ファイス (Faisu) Fice
Federal Republic of Germany German Lavaeis-Irrlicht Lava Ice Poe


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