Fruit Pop Flight Challenge

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Fruit Pop Flight Challenge

The Fruit Pop Flight Challenge is a minigame in Twilight Princess.[name reference needed]


The minigame is set in Zora's River in the same route Link takes when looking for a way to lift the curse of Twilight cast on Lanayru Province. Near Fyer's cannon in Lake Hylia, a parrot named Plumm can be found. Plumm will only speak to Wolf Link, to whom he proposes a minigame. By howling, Link can summon a Kargarok to start the game. Once it starts, Wolf Link and Midna will fly on the Kargarok up to the Zora's River.


The objective is to pop as many Fruit Balloons as possible to gain points. For each balloon of the same type popped in a row, Link gains double points. However, there is a limit of 10 balloons after which the number of bonus points given to Link remains the same. The double points reset when Link hits a different type of balloon. If the Kargarok hits a wall or pillar, the game ends.

If Link scores 10,000 points, he will be awarded with a Piece of Heart.[1] Afterwards, he will receive 100 Rupees. If Link obtains the highest score of 61,454 points, he will be awarded with 200 Rupees.[2]


Balloon Points Maximum Points
1 512
3 1,536
10 5,120


  1. "You got more than 10,000 points... Wow. Here, take this. But... Don't think I'm giving you this because I like you or anything!" — Plumm (Twilight Princess)
  2. "What?! No way! 61454 points?! ...Oh, hey! You just got the highest score! Woooo, that was pretty exciting... So, let me give you this..." — Plumm (Twilight Princess)