Frozen Hyrule is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures. This area is the first stage of Frozen Hyrule, the game's seventh level. The area usually had mild winters, but Vaati used his dark power to keep the area in perpetual winter.

When the Links arrive, they are in a small ice-covered area with a few enemies. Under the nearby rock, they can find Bombs, the Hero's Bow, Pegasus Boots and the Boomerang. In order to progress in the stage, the Links must first obtain the Fire Rod which is hidden in the far northeast. After making their way through the heavy blizzards and obtaining the fire rod, the Links can melt the frozen Force Gems as well as Snow Walls.

After the Links finds the Moon Pearl in the west, they can continue north, where they must defeat Manhandla for the second time. After it is defeated, the Links must defeat the final Base Creature of Magic. Once the Big Stalfos is defeated, the Purple Knight's spirit is freed and he gives the heroes the Purple Jewel.

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