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Frox is an overworld Boss fought in Tears of the Kingdom. It is found exclusively in The Depths.


The Frox is a large, frog-like creature with one eye, tusks, and proportionately stubby legs. It has several Ore Deposits growing out of its back, much like a Stone Talus.

They are primarily found in large open spaces in the depths; each of these often has a small Zonaite Deposit. They walk around the area slowly when neutral. They can see and hear very far to detect any prey. Also, they tend to devour any Brightbloom Seeds they see or hear.


To defeat a Frox, Link must first stun it. He can do so by either shooting Arrows into its eye or throwing a bomb or take out the time bomb into its open mouth when it tries to suck him up. Once the Frox is down, Link can climb onto its back and attack the rocky growths on its back; a rock-crushing weapon makes this easier. When all rocks are destroyed, the monster dies and drops various items.

Dazzle Fruit is especially effective against Frox. By throwing one at it, the Frox will be blinded by the sparkles, making it down for a even longer period.

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