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Frost Gleeok is an overworld boss from Tears of the Kingdom. It is a sub-species of Gleeok.


First appeared after the Upheaval, Frost Gleeok are three-headed dragons that rule the skies. They are covered with an icy-cold exterior that can freeze their victims solid.


Frost Gleeoks are often found in colder climates. As such, the temperature in these environments would be usually "unbearably cold." It is recommended to bring a stock of spicy food items containing Cold Resistance effects, or wear armor that can stave off cold such as the Snowquill Set.

Frost Gleeok often fly in the air to avoid being hit by melee attacks, then reign down using their ice beam-like attacks. If grounded, Frost Gleek will flap their wings to create a strong wind of gust. They deal no damage, but they will push back to keep Frost Gleeok from being attacked in close range. It may sometimes create snowballs in the process, dealing very weak damage but will cause a hard knockback.

Frost Gleeok's attacks inflict freezing, causing Link to freeze solid if they hit. If frozen, wiggle the control stick and mash buttons to escape. Their attacks can deal immense damage to light or unenhanced armor, so it's recommended to bring at least a set of 2-star armor to reduce its

To damage Frost Gleeok, its three heads must be downed by shooting them with a Bow. Fire-type attacks can instantly down these heads in one hit. They will eventually recover if all three heads are not downed in a quick succession. To efficiently down all three heads at the same time, drawing the bow while airborne will initiate a slow-down effect to gradually increase time to take down all heads at once.

Once all three heads are knocked out, Frost Gleeok will fall to the ground stunned. If flying, depending on the height of the fall, Frost Gleeok may also take fall damage. While down, it is completely helpless and open to all forms of attacks, but take more damage if hit in the head. After awhile, Frost Gleeok will get back up.

At 25% health, Frost Gleeok will fly high into the sky to unleash an icicle storm attack, causing a rain of icicles to fall from above. They deal heavy damage if it hits directly.[verification needed] Its fall trajectory can be telegraphed by a small beam of light from the ground. To reach Gleeok from sky high, climb on top of the icicle, but beware of its icy surface which will nearly cause instant slippage if grabbed on. Once on top, use Recall to reverse the icicle upwards to reach the flying Frost Gleeok, then use the bow to knock down three heads to cause Frost Gleeok to fall.

Once defeated, Frost Gleeok will drop three Frost Gleeok Horns, the strongest ice elemental monster part. They will drop Gleeok Wings and sometimes may drop Gleeok Guts.

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