Fronk is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Zora who can be found at Zora's Domain. He is the husband of Mei and father of Keye and Tumbo. According to Tumbo, Fronk is the legendary Zora blacksmith Dento's apprentice who works as a stonemason to repair structures in Zora's Domain which is essentially a giant sculpture crafted ten thousand years before Breath of the Wild thus requires maintenance to repair and maintain the aging sculpture that is Zora's Domain.

Related Side Quest

Main article: A Wife Washed Away

After freeing Vah Ruta, Fronk gives Link the side quest "A Wife Washed Away" after Link learns he is worried about his wife Mei who went fishing around the time Vah Ruta awoke and hasn't returned even after Link calms it down. Link offers to search for her as Fronk is busy with work and caring for Kaye and Tumbo in his wife's absence. Link finds Mei fishing near Hylia Island in Lake Hylia and asks if she knows Fronk whom she confirms is her darling husband. Link informs her that Fronk is worried causing Mei to realize she had gotten so caught up in fishing she lost track of time. She thanks Link by giving him five Staminoka Bass and then leaves to return to Zora's Domain. After returning to Zora's Domain, Fronk simply expresses his gratitude that Mei is back home as the quest is competed upon being rewarded by Mei.

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