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Fronk is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Fronk is a Zora who can be found at Zora's Domain. He is working on repairing Zora's Domain as an apprentice under the Zora smithy Dento.[4][5]

After the Divine Beast Vah Ruta is appeased by Link, Fronk can be found hammering a pillar in Zora's Domain while conversing with himself.[6] If Link speaks to him, Fronk will apologize and explain that he was talking to himself.[7] Fronk says that after Vah Ruta started rampaging, his wife Mei went out to go fishing.[8] Even though the Divine Beast is appeased, she still has not returned.[9] Fronk wishes he had made her stay and wonders what he should do.[10] If Link offers to find Mei, Fronk expresses his gratitude and apologizes for placing this burden on him.[11] This unlocks the Side Quest, "A Wife Washed Away". Fronk says he will help Link however he can to find Mei.[12]

If Link asks about Mei, Fronk again says she is his wife and the mother of his children, Tumbo and Keye. He says she spends her days catching fish and selling them at the Coral Reef General Store.[13] Fronk describes Mei as being very lively and cheerful, believing Tumbo gets that from her.[14] Fronk says she was fishing in Zora River, which began to swell from Vah Ruta's rage.[15] He believes that the worst case scenario is that she was carried to Lake Hylia.[16]

Once Mei has returned to Zora's Domain, Fronk scolds his wife and tells her that she should not go wandering anymore for a while.[17] Fronk is overwhelmingly appreciative towards Link and thanks him multiple times.[18] If the hero speaks to him again, Fronk calls Link a true Champion and thanks him again in a more composed manner.[19]


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