"The must-have lure for bass."
— In-game description

The Frog Lure is an item from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Shaped like a frog, the lure is used while fishing. Link can obtain the Frog Lure when the Fishing Hole opens, following the restoration of light in the Lanayru Province. Inside Hena's cabin, Link can play a game called Rollgoal; after beating round 1-8, Hena awards Link with the Frog Lure, the only lure other than the ones she normally gives out that she considers legal. The Frog Lure is different from other lures because Link has to wait a short time when the fish bite before setting the hook in order to have any success in catching fish.

The Frog Lure can also help in catching the legendary Hylian Loach. The Hylian Loach can only be caught in the northern cove in the Fishing Hole during the summer. Some ways to catch it are to use the Frog Lure or the Sinking Lure, which is illegal in the fishing hole because only floatable lures are allowed. If Hena catches Link using the Sinking Lure, she will take it away.

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