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"I hope that spring will come soon so that I can hear the frogs' enthusiastic performance."
Hungry Goron

The Frog Choir is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. As its title implies, it is a choir that consists of five frogs native to Snowhead and their mysterious conductor, Don Gero. Because of the perpetual winter in Snowhead due to the power of Majora's Mask, the members of the Frog Choir have been forced to flee the region. A certain sidequest in the game requires Link to hunt down these five frogs and speak with them while wearing Don Gero's Mask. By doing this they promise to return to Snowhead when spring arrives, i.e. when Link defeats Goht.


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When Link visits the Mountain Village in Snowhead, he sees a Hungry Goron stuck atop an ice outcropping. Because the Goron is so hungry, he does not have the willpower to return to Goron Village and get some food. If Link, however, retrieves Rock Sirloin from the chandelier in the Goron Shrine, he can bring it back to the Goron. As thanks, the Goron gives Link the mask he is wearing, Don Gero's Mask, and rolls back to Goron Village. When Link wears this mask, the Frogs scattered throughout Termina will mistake him for Don Gero and promise to return to Snowhead when spring arrives.

One frog is found in Clock Town's Laundry Pool, another is found atop a log in the Southern Swamp that Link passes while on Old Koume's Boat Cruise, and a third is found in the Mountain Village near the Mountain Smithy. The remaining two frogs have undergone a type of mutation that has turned them into hostile creatures called Gekkos. In order to return them to their normal selves, Link must defeat the Gekkos, and they will morph back into normal frogs; one Gekko is found in Woodfall Temple while the other is found in Great Bay Temple.

When Link has spoken to all five frogs in a single three-day cycle, and spring has been restored to Snowhead, he can visit the pond in the Mountain Village to listen to their performance. When he does so, he is given a Piece of Heart.

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