Fraaz, Master of Icy Fire (氷炎幻術師 フリブレイズ Hien Genjutsushi Furibureizu?, Freblaze, Warlock of Icy Fire) is a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. It appears to be a cross between a Keese and an Octorok, both of which are encountered in the Snow Temple, and it has complete control over fire and ice.


When the battle begins, Fraaz will begin casting elemental magic. In its ice form, it is vulnerable to fire and vice versa. When it casts magic, Link must dodge the attack and use the Boomerang to transfer the fire from the two torches in the middle of the boss chamber to it when it begins casting magic of the opposite element. If Link hits it with the same element it is preparing to expel, it will grow in size, forcing him to hit it an extra time to stun it. After one cycle has passed, it splits into two smaller beings, each with the power of either fire or ice. They must be hit once by the respective opposite element before they reunite. After one more cycle has passed, it will destroy the torches and start casting magic that stays in place and acts as a torch.

After enough of its magic has been deflected back onto it, Fraaz is stunned, leaving it open for sword attacks. Eventually, Fraaz splits in two again. The attacks of the two must be used to defeat the one of the opposite element. If one of the two is defeated, the other can revive it by hitting its remains with a blast of purple energy. After that, Fraaz reunites and quickens its pace, requiring the Boomerang, when properly "ignited" with elemental magic, to hit it three times in one cycle, stunning it again. After sustaining enough damage, Fraaz is defeated.


Fraaz (Spirit Tracks)

Fraaz (Spirit Tracks)


Fraaz is most likely named after Blaaz, a boss from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, who has a similar battle style to Fraaz. Where Blaaz is derived from "blaze", Fraaz is likely derived from "freeze".

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