Foxes are a race of animals from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are one of the many types of wildlife, they are generally harmless and mostly run away from Link. There are two subspecies of fox, grassland and snowcoat. Link can hunt both for food.


Grassland Foxes

Grassland foxes can be found in most grasslands and forests of Hyrule though they most commonly appear in the regions of Hyrule Field and Lanayru Great Spring. They also inhabit the Great Hyrule Forest region which includes Hyrule's legendary woodland maze the Lost Woods. They are distinguishable by their ginger pelts and fluffy, white-tipped tail. According to the Hyrule Compendium, they are omnivorous, solidarity creature that hunt animals smaller than themselves but often stick to eating fruit and insects. They drop Raw Meat when killed. They are non-aggressive towards people and will flee if they notice Link. Besides people and monsters the Grassland Fox only known nature predator are Maraudo Wolves whom Link may witness hunting Grassland Foxes. Wolf Link will also hunt any nearby grassland foxes when summoned via the Amiibo Rune though this applies to all animals Link can hunt.

Snowcoat Foxes

Snowcoat foxes can be found all over the Hebra Mountains. A close relative of the grassland foxes, they are similar in appearance except their white coat which is developed as a form of camouflage. These foxes are harder to hunt than their red coated counterparts and like most animals adapted to cold climates they will drop higher quality of meat when killed, such as prime or gourmet. Cold-Footed Wolves are its primary natural predator next to people, monsters, and Wolf Link.

Hyrule Compendium

Grassland Fox
"This breed of fox is common to grasslands and forests and is hallmarked by its fluffy, white-tipped tail. Unlike other foxes, they tend to act independently rather than form packs. Being omnivorous, they hunt animals smaller than themselves and often stick to eating fruit and insects."
Hyrule Compendium
Snowcoat Fox
"This particular breed of grassland fox makes its home in cold climates such as the Tabantha region. Its fur turned white as a means of adapting to snowy weather, serving as natural camouflage. Because of this, spotting one in the snow takes a keen eye."
— Hyrule Compendium


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Relationship with Keatons

Keaton in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are referred to as ghost foxes and in Majora's Mask are shown to resemble japanese Kyūbi no Kitsune as they have multiple tails, are wise, and possess magical powers. However, though kitsune means fox spirit, this does not mean kitsune are ghosts, because the word spirit is used to reflect a state of knowledge or enlightenment, any long-lived foxes gain supernatural abilities, thus similarly Keatons may simply be long-lived foxes that have gained sentience and supernatural abilities. Alternately, Keaton could be supernatural subspecies of fox similar to how Stalhorse are an undead subspecies of Horse.

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