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This article is a work in progress.
This article is a work in progress.

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The following page is a list of the names of every location appearing in Four Swords in every release of the game (including Four Swords Anniversary Edition). Four Swords has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular location in that language.



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Chambers of Insight Map-1.png Chambers of Insight Temple du Savoir Quell des Wissens Templo del Saber Antri del sapere
Sea of Trees.png Sea of Trees Mer d'Arbres Meer der Blätter Gran Arboleda Mare Arboreo
TalusCave.png Talus Cave Cave Croulante Talus-Höhle Gruta Misteriosa Grotta di Tufo
Death Mountain.png デスマウンテン (Desu Maunten) Death Mountain Mont. de la Mort (Canada Triforce piece.png) Todesberg Montaña de la Muerte Monte Morte
Vaati's Palace.png 風の宮殿 (Kaze no Kyūden) Vaati's Palace Palais de Vaati (Canada Triforce piece.png) Vaatis Palast Palacio de Vaati Palazzo di Vaati
Hero's Trial Épreuve du héros (Canada) Heldenprüfung Desafío del Héroe Prova dell'Eroe
RealmofMemoriesTLoZ.png Realm of Memories Royaume des souvenirs (Canada) Reich der Erinnerungen Reino de los Recuerdos Reame delle Memorie
TLoZ Shield Emblem.pngTAoL Magical Sword Artwork 2.pngALttP English Logo 2.pngLADX Wind Fish's Egg Sprite.pngLANS Marin Render.pngOoT Ocarina of Time Render.pngMM3D Majora's Mask Render.pngOracle of Ages - Harp of Ages.pngOoS Rod of Seasons Artwork.pngFS English Logo.pngTWW Wind Waker Render.pngFSA Four Sword Artwork.pngTMC Ezlo Artwork.pngTP Midna Icon.pngThe Phantom Hourglass.pngST Spirit Flute Collection Icon.pngSS Fi Icon.pngALBW Dark Triforce.pngTri Force HeroesBotW Crest of the Sheikah Symbol.pngFoE Logo.pngTWoG Logo.pngFPTRR English Logo.pngLogoT2.pngLCT Crossbow Render.pngHW Link's Scarf Icon 2.pngHWDE NA Logo.pngHH.pngGerudoE.pngBotW Sheikah O.svg

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