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The following page is a list of the names of every character, boss, enemy, location and item appearing in Four Swords in every release of the game (including Four Swords Anniversary Edition). Four Swords has been released in the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual/location/item in that language.


Main Characters

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
FS Links Artwork.png リンク (Rinku) Links Links Link
FS Princess Zelda Artwork.png ゼルダ姫 (Zeruda hime) Princess Zelda Prinzessin Zelda Principessa Zelda
FS Vaati Artwork.png 風の魔人グフー (Kaze No Majin Gufū) Vaati Vaati Vaati
FS Great Fairy of Forest Artwork.png Great Fairy of Forest Grand Fée de la Forêt (Canada Triforce piece.png) Große Fee des Waldes,
Hüterin des Meeres der Blätter
Gran Hada del Bosque (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Fata Radiosa della Foresta
FS Great Fairy of Ice Artwork.png Great Fairy of Ice Grand Fée de la Glace (Canada Triforce piece.png) Große Fee des Eises,
Hüterin der Talus-Höhle
Gran Hada del Hielo (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Fata Radiosa del Ghiaccio
FS Great Fairy of Flame Artwork.png Great Fairy of Flame Grand Fée des Flammes (Canada Triforce piece.png) Große Fee des Feuers,
Hüterin des Todesbergs
Gran Hada del Fuego (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Fata Radiosa del Fuoco


General Enemies

Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
FS Rupee Wraith Artwork.png トホホ (Tohoho) Rupee Wraith Spectre du rubis (Canada Triforce piece.png) Rubin-Alb Rupiante


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
FS Big Manhandla Artwork.png デグチタート (Degu Chitāto) Guardian of the Sea of Trees: Big Manhandla Guardiano del Mare Arboreo: Grande Manhandla
FS Dera Zol Artwork.png デラゾル (Derazoru) Guardian of Talus Cave: Dera Zol Guardiano della Grotta di Tufo: Dera Zol
FS Gouen Artwork.png ゴウエン (Gōen)
豪炎 (Gō Honō)Triforce piece.png
Guardian of Death Mountain: Gouen Guardiano del Monte Morte: Gouen
FS Vaati Artwork.png 風の魔人グフー (Kaze No Majin Gufū) The Wind Mage: Vaati Vaati, el Brujo de los Vientos Mago del Vento: Vaati


Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
FS Bomb Sprite.png
バクダン (Bakudan) Bombs Bombes (Canada Triforce piece.png) Bomben Bomba Bombe
FS Boomerang Sprite.png
ブーメラン (Būmeran) Boomerang Boomerang (Canada Triforce piece.png) Bumerang Bumerán Boomerang
FS Bow Sprite.png
Bow Arc et les flèches (Canada Triforce piece.png) Pfeil und Bogen Arco y las Flechas Arco e Frecce
FS Chain Chomp Sprite.png
ワンワン (Wanwan) Chain Chomp Triforce piece.png ;
BowWow Triforce piece.png
Chomp (Canada Triforce piece.png) Kettenhund Chomp Cadenas (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Categnaccio
FS Gnat Hat Sprite.png
小人のぼうし Gnat Hat Chapeau de nabot (Canada Triforce piece.png) Zwergenkappe Caperuza Cappello Folletto
FS Magnetic Glove Sprite.png
マグネグローブ (Magune Gurōbu) Magnetic Gloves Magnéto-gant (Canada Triforce piece.png) Magnethandschuhe,
Anziehungs- und Abstoßungskraft
Guante Magnético Guanti Magnetici
FS Pegasus Boots Sprite.png
ペガサスの靴 (Pegasasu no Kutsu) Pegasus Boots Bottes de Pégase (Canada Triforce piece.png) Pegasus-Stiefel Botas de Pegaso Stivali di Pegaso
FS Roc's Cape Sprite.png
Roc's Cape Cape de Roc Greifenmantel Capa de Roc Mantello di Roc
FS Shield Sprite.png
Shield Bouclier (Canada Triforce piece.png) Schild Escudo Scudo
Mystical Seeds Graines mystiques (Canada Triforce piece.png) Mystische Kerne Semillas místicas (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Semi Magici
FS Razor Seed Sprite.png
Razor Seed Graines rasoir (Canada Triforce piece.png) Klingen-Kerne Semillas mosquetero (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Seme Rasoio
FS Armor Seed Sprite.png
Armor Seed Graines armure (Canada Triforce piece.png) Panzer-Kerne Semillas de hierro (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Seme Armatura
FS Pegasus Seed Sprite.png
サッサの実 (Sassa no Mi) Pegasus Seed Graines Pégase (Canada Triforce piece.png) Pegasus-Kerne Semillas Pegaso (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Seme Pegaso
Silver Keys.png
銀のカギ (Gin no Kagi) Silver Keys Clés d'argent (Canada Triforce piece.png) Silberschlüssel Llaves de Plata Chiavi d'Argento
Golden Keys.png
金のカギ (Kin no Kagi) Golden Keys Clés d'or (Canada Triforce piece.png) Goldschlüssel Llaves de oro (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Chiavi d'Oro
Hero's Keys.png
勇者のカギ (Yūsha no Kagi) Hero's Keys Clés du Héros Chiavi dell'Eroe
Small Key Petite clé (Canada Triforce piece.png) Kleiner Schlüssel Llave pequeña (Latin America Triforce piece.png) Piccola Chiave
FS Green Rupee Sprite.png
Rupee Rubis (Canada Triforce piece.png) Rubine Rupia Rupia
FS Rupee Shard Sprite.png
Rupee Shards Fragment de rubis (Canada Triforce piece.png) Rubinsplitter Pieza de Rupia Frammento di Rupia



Image Japanese English French German Spanish Italian
Chambers of Insight Map-1.png Chambers of Insight Temple du Savoir Quell des Wissens Templo del Saber Antri del sapere
Sea of Trees.png Sea of Trees Mer d'Arbres Meer der Blätter Gran Arboleda Mare Arboreo
TalusCave.png Talus Cave Cave Croulante Talus-Höhle Gruta Misteriosa Grotta di Tufo
Death Mountain.png デスマウンテン (Desu Maunten) Death Mountain Mont. de la Mort (Canada Triforce piece.png) Todesberg Montaña de la Muerte Monte Morte
Vaati's Palace.png 風の宮殿 (Kaze no Kyūden) Vaati's Palace Palais de Vaati (Canada Triforce piece.png) Vaatis Palast Palacio de Vaati Palazzo di Vaati
Hero's Trial Épreuve du héros (Canada) Heldenprüfung Desafío del Héroe Prova dell'Eroe
RealmofMemoriesTLoZ.png Realm of Memories Royaume des souvenirs (Canada) Reich der Erinnerungen Reino de los Recuerdos Reame delle Memorie

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