"I am one of four knights chosen by the king."

The Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom is a group from The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The four knights, renowned for their strength, protected King Mutoh and the Cobble Kingdom during their lifetime. Slightly resembling the classic depiction of Egyptian warriors, the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom ranked from highest to lowest in the proceeding order: Max, Doylan, Bremeur and Brant. Each knight also reside in their own temple. Max, Doylan and Bremeur's temples are located on the Isle of Ruins, while Brant's residence stands on the Isle of the Dead.

By the time the events of Phantom Hourglass take place, the Cobble Kingdom ceases to exist, and with it, the four knights have passed away. Link can still speak with the ghosts of the knights, however, and they help him enter Mutoh's Temple on the Isle of Ruins.


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It is likely that the Four Knights of the Cobble Kingdom are based off of the Carpenters from previous games. This seems possible because there are four knights and four Carpenters, and the knights serve under King Mutoh, while the carpenters work for Mutoh. In addition, the names of the four knights are very similar to the names of the carpenters as they appear in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap.

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