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The Four Elements are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]


The Four Elements are the crystalline forms of energy that the world depends on.[2] They were first shown in Four Swords, but their significance was not revealed until The Minish Cap. They are based on the classical elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.


Four Swords

The Four Sword Sanctuary in Four Swords

The Four Elements can be briefly seen in the introduction sequence of Four Swords, in front of the altar where Vaati is sealed. The upper parts of the Keys received from Great Fairies are also designed after them.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, the importance of the Four Elements was revealed. They are the source of power of the Four Sword, each Element granting the wielder of the sword another "clone". In order to save Princess Zelda and stop Vaati, Link had to find each Element, scattered in four Dungeons throughout Hyrule. Each time he finds a new Element, Link brings it to the Elemental Sanctuary to infuse into his sword.

List of the Four Elements

Earth Element

Main article: Earth Element

The Earth Element is the first of the Four Elements to be gathered in The Minish Cap. It is obtained in Deepwood Shrine in the Minish Woods, and is needed along with the Fire Element for Link to make the White Sword from the reforged Picori Blade.

Fire Element

Main article: Fire Element

The Fire Element is the second of the Four Elements gathered in The Minish Cap, obtained in the Cave of Flames on Mount Crenel. This, along with the Earth Element, is needed for Link to create the White Sword from the reforged Picori Blade.

Water Element

Main article: Water Element

The Water Element is the third of the Four Elements collected by Link in The Minish Cap. It is found in the Temple of Droplets in Lake Hylia. Its power is infused into the White Sword.

Wind Element

Main article: Wind Element

The Wind Element is the fourth and final of the Four Elements gathered in The Minish Cap. Once infused into the White Sword, it becomes the legendary blade, the Four Sword. Although expected to be found in the Fortress of Winds after defeating Mazaal, it is instead located in the Palace of Winds among the Cloud Tops.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
Element Earth Element Fire Element Water Element Wind Element
Japan Japanese エレメント (Eremento) 大地のエレメント (Daichi no Eremento) 炎のエレメント (Honō no Eremento) しずくのエレメント (Shizuku no Eremento) 風のエレメント (Kaze no Eremento)
French Republic FrenchEU Elément Elément Terre Elément Feu Elément Eau Elément Vent
Federal Republic of Germany German Element Erd-Element Flammen-Element Tropfen-Element Wind-Element
Italian Republic Italian Elemento Elemento Zolla Elemento Fiamma Elemento Goccia Elemento Soffio
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Elemento Elemento de tierra Elemento de fuego Elemento de agua Elemento de aire

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  2. "Ah, yes. And you've come here now to have the blade reforged? If you want the blade reforged, you will need the four elements. These are the crystalline forms of the energies that fill our world. Only by infusing the blade with these energies can a new blade be forged." — Gentari (The Minish Cap)