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Not to be confused with Fairy Fountain or Zora's Fountain.
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The Fountain is a location in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Fountain is located northwest of the main square of Hyrule Town. It appears as an ordinary fountain, though to the Minish, it is the resting place of a powerful treasure – the Power Bracelets.[2] It is full of enemies that Link must defeat to retrieve the Power Bracelets.

The Fountain is first seen during the Picori Festival with no water inside it. When Link returns to Hyrule Town after obtaining the Earth Element from Deepwood Shrine, water has begun to pour out into it, and a small vine has grown down from the upper ledge.

Since the Fountain can only be entered while Minish-sized, Link must make his way to the Fountain from Dr. Left's House. From there, he must climb the chimney, cross the river, and eventually make it past the Cats and inside the Fountain. The Power Bracelets found within are needed in order to obtain all of the overdue Library Books, and to be able to meet the elder Librari to obtain the Flippers.



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