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Fossil Stallord Battle is the third stage of Level F in Link's Crossbow Training. This level is a boss battle with the controls of a Target Shooting level and is located in the Desert Province. In this level, Link has 120 seconds to defeat Stallord. This is the final stage of the game.


In order to defeat Stallord, Link must attack Stallord's hands. After a hand is hit, it will move, and Link must hit it again, the hand crumbling after it is hit several times. The same must be done to the other hand; however, if Link takes too long to destroy the other hand, the first hand will reform. If Link can successfully destroy both hands, then Stallord will fall over; Link must then hit him in the glowing spot on his head. After repeating this twice, Link will get 500 points for every second left on the clock and Stallord will be destroyed.


This stage begins at the 3:00 time mark.

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