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Not to be confused with Stallord, a similarly named recurring Boss in The Legend of Zelda series.
Fossil Stallord
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Fossil Stallord is a Boss in Link's Crossbow Training.[1]


Fossil Stallord is the last Boss Link fights. It is similar to Stallord from Twilight Princess, but no longer has Zant's Scimitar of Twilight embedded in its skull and has ten horns instead of just four. It attacks by showering Link with meteor-like projectiles and striking him with its hands. It is vulnerable in its palms and head. When Fossil Stallord has taken significant damage, it shoots out Bubbles to attack Link while it moves forward. Once it reaches Link, Fossil Stallord will attack, causing him to lose points. The battle is timed, meaning that Link has only 120 seconds to defeat Fossil Stallord or he may not receive any bonus points for the stage.


  • During the fight with Fossil Stallord, Stallord's theme from Twilight Princess is not played; instead, Armogohma's theme is played.


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    It's the final battle! Crush the Fossil Stallord before time runs out!
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