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Welcome to the Watercooler.

This is a place for community discussion about Zeldapedia or anything else related to The Legend of Zelda series.

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TopicLast editLast author
Announcement to all Editors10:36, June 12, 2019Ceiling Master
Disambiguation pages05:21, May 14, 2019Green Rupee
Vatti vs. link22:52, April 25, 2019Brittanypikmin
Made page for Royal Guard04:24, March 26, 2019Green Rupee
Super Smash Bros. stages21:40, December 22, 2018NathanTheAsian332
When were Hyrule Warriors and the Japan-only BS Zelda titles made non-canon?19:43, June 18, 2018Speccyemerald
Videos on articles21:39, June 6, 2018Green Rupee
Featured Media?08:05, June 6, 2018FANDOMbot
Nintendo tells the truth about the Timeline Theory08:05, June 6, 2018FANDOMbot
Netflix in works of Legend of Zelda Live action TV series!06:01, May 28, 2018Adrainsmith
Game-specific Categories16:45, April 10, 2018Ceiling Master
Does anyone recognize this symbol?01:30, March 26, 2018Lokker G
Upcoming Zelda show06:08, March 14, 2018Green Rupee
Section Linking02:12, March 4, 2018Green Rupee
Adding a new Field to Item Infobox20:56, January 29, 2018Shelbysaurus
"Jinxing Water" in Skyward Sword13:32, January 29, 2018Oni Dark Link
Breath of the Wild References13:30, January 29, 2018Oni Dark Link
Actually fully finishing things14:25, August 12, 2017Ceiling Master
Common/minor enemies pages01:55, June 12, 2017Green Rupee
Quest Infobox16:46, June 9, 2017WiseAdventurer
"Homeland" in infoboxes07:25, June 4, 2017Jackdjb3
Image Issues for Unseen Characters16:24, April 28, 2017Ceiling Master
Discussions bot02:46, April 19, 2017Jedimasterlink
Boss=Character?19:49, April 18, 2017Ceiling Master
Theory of Why there are mostly Humans in TLP19:49, April 18, 2017Ceiling Master
Phantom Hourglass Island Images15:44, April 13, 2017Ceiling Master
Assuming MM/OoT names13:26, April 13, 2017Ceiling Master
Creeps19:54, April 11, 2017Ceiling Master
What's with the bunch o'battles?19:53, April 11, 2017Ceiling Master
Hyrule Warrior's Canonicity02:02, April 7, 2017Dark Byrne
Cosplay/costume advice?14:05, March 18, 2017WiseAdventurer
How should we write about Shrine trials?02:24, March 18, 2017Green Rupee
Can Ganondorf only be killed by the Master Sword?06:55, March 15, 2017KillRoy231
Shrines Solutions22:57, March 10, 2017Whirl Roller
Breath of the Wild continuity03:30, March 9, 2017KillRoy231
Breath of the Wild help22:18, March 6, 2017KillRoy231
Fandom Banner19:24, March 2, 2017Green Rupee
Inactive bureaucrats14:09, February 25, 2017Ceiling Master
Discussions Moderators16:10, February 24, 2017Ceiling Master
Zeldapedia YouTube Page01:38, February 22, 2017Oni Dark Link
Section Headers08:35, February 21, 2017Green Rupee
BotW food and materials tables15:29, February 18, 2017Ceiling Master
Zelda News22:36, February 10, 2017Green Rupee
Unwritten Rules02:51, February 7, 2017Erquint
Hyrule castle TP04:25, February 5, 2017Oni Dark Link
Song articles04:25, February 5, 2017Oni Dark Link
Embedding a Trailer for BotW13:20, February 3, 2017WiseAdventurer
Lists category14:14, February 1, 2017WiseAdventurer
New feature - Discussions01:56, January 19, 2017BertH
Legend of Zelda Poll for English14:47, December 15, 2016TheMiningAlex
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