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Fortress Centrum (pronounced /ˈsɛntɹəm/ SEN-trəm)[1] is a location in The Faces of Evil.[2] It is unlocked after completing Serigon Caves.

Features and Overview

Fortress Centrum is a large fortress located near central Koridai. It stands atop the summit of a small mountain peak. The Fortress has since been abandoned, and is now overrun with monsters. Suprena of Serigon Caves requests that Link go there to find the "treasure of death" within, the Crystal of Reflection.

The area first opens up to a mountainous valley leading up to the Fortress. Along the way are several Gohmas that attack Link. A small wall at the end of the road serves as the gate, which is destroyed with a Bomb. Inside the dark Fortress walls, multiple Wallmasters and Stalfos patrol the grounds. Stone stairs scale up the tower, leading to a pair of entrances that exit outside. The entrance on the left leads to a small yard where an Octorok guards the Key to the next room, where a bottle of Water of Life can be found. Link can repeatedly use this to recover his health and refill his Canteen if he owns one.

The entrance on the right in the tower leads to the other side, where another entrance lies. Inside the prison cell, Link finds Zelda asleep on the rafter. But upon closer inspection, he discovers that she is actually Goronu in disguise. After an ensuing battle, Link defeats Goronu, and he leaves behind the Crystal of Reflection. After the Crystal is retrieved, a Triforce Map exiting the stage appears. After the stage is completed, Ganon's Lair is unlocked.

Enemies and Traps



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Fortress Centrum
Netherlands Dutch Fort Centrum
French-speaking countries French Forteresse Centrum
Federal Republic of Germany German Centrum-Festung


  1. "Before you face the foul fiend Ganon, you must conquer Fortress Centrum, where the treasure of death is hidden." — Suprena (The Faces of Evil)
  2. "Fortress Centrum" — Map (The Faces of Evil)