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Fort Hateno
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Fort Hateno is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Fort Hateno is located in East Necluda, demarcating the border between East and West Necluda. The surrounding cliffs, Cliffs of Quince to the east, make Fort Hateno a small enclosure. Ore Deposits can be found on the lower levers of the cliffs. Much of the ground level is covered in Trees, with a lone Lodge hiding among their shade, and a Cooking Pot at the entrance to the Fort. The Squabble River hugs the cliff in the south, and the broken remains of a Wagon can be found along the road leading through the Fort. Near this Wagon sits a small camping spot with a Wooden Box, a Barrel, and a Garbage Dump. A lone Chuchu can be found hiding inside the Barrel.

During the second Great Calamity, Fort Hateno served as a tactical defense point for the Hylian army.[2] Link and Princess Zelda attempted to flee to Fort Hateno but were met with Guardians at Blatchery Plain.[2] Fort Hateno was ill-equipped for serious combat, but the surrounding terrain impeded the Guardians' attacks upon the Fort.[3] The combined efforts of Link, Princess Zelda, the militia from the citizens of Hateno Village and the Hylian forces stationed at Fort Hateno led to the successful defense of the Fort, narrowly sparing those living east of its walls.[2][3] Following the victory at Fort Hateno, minor repair efforts were carried out to restore its fortifications, however these repairs were in a very limited capacity as those trained in stonemasonry were lost during the Great Calamity.[3] Despite the successful defense of Fort Hateno, a small number of Guardians still roamed the land west of the Fort for 40 or 50 years.[3] After developing the Ancient Arrows, Robbie used them to rid the territory of the Guardians to atone for his failure to sufficiently support Link during the Great Calamity.[3] As a result of the battles with Guardians, the remains of Guardians that can be found at Fort Hateno can be searched for Ancient Materials.

The Hylian travelers, Agus, Celessa, Joute, Teli, and Toma, can be found traveling along the road leading through the Fort. Calip and Garill can be seen living at the Fort.

A stone Treasure Chest containing an Iron Sledgehammer sits atop a Zonai Tower behind Fort Hateno's wall. Two more stone Treasure Chests can be found under some Rocks, one containing Opal, the other an Emblazoned Shield.

To the northern part of the area hides a Korok in a Natural Hiding Place, where Link must move a metal door with Magnesis or Stasis before removing the Rock to get the Korok Seed. Another Korok puzzle can be found on top of the stone gates. Standing next to a Pinwheel, Link must successfully shoot two Acorn-shaped Jars that are seemingly being thrown above the wooded area before he is rewarded.


Minor Enemies




TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseハテノ砦 (Hateno Toride) (BotW)Fort Hateno
Hateno Toride is a pun on 果ての砦 (Hate no Toride), meaning "fort at the end", referring to its placement at the far eastern border of Hyrule.
NetherlandsDutchHateno-vesting (HWAoC)Hateno-fortress
Latin AmericaSpanishLAMuralla de Hatelia (BotW)[4]Hatelia Wall
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