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Four Links holding Cross Formation against the Guards
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Formations are used in Four Swords Adventures to unite the Links into set positions as they take on hoards of enemies and solve puzzles.[1] None of the formations can be used during four player games, nor in side-scrolling areas such as the Tower of Winds.[2] Each of the Battle Formations has its own strengths and weaknesses in certain situations. Link will learn each of them in the first area of Whereabouts of the Wind, Lake Hylia.

Group Formations



The four Links face at 90 degree angles back-to-back and a space between, which enables them to defend one another from all 4 directions.[3] Most useful while surrounded entirely, but this formation also enables a powerful Spin Attack.[4]



All four Links file into a horizontal line side-by-side. This formation is most useful when the on-screen enemies are concentrated to the upper or lower portions of the area. Anything attacking from the sides will only be fended off by a single Link. Other beneficial uses of this formation is to clear wide swaths of growth,[5] pull levers, and move large blocks from the northern or southern faces.



Much like the Wide formation, except that the single file line is a vertical one. The pros and cons of this formation are only different by the focal point of the action required.[6]



The Box formation is the most compact of the formations. This formation offers versatility for the Links to attack oncoming enemies 2 x 2 from any direction, but gets most of its use in tight spaces.[7]

Individual Formations

Break Formation


The default formation in which one Link leads the rest in a loose line.[8] The leader can be chosen among the available Links, which decreases as the number of players increases. The Link in the green tunic is defaulted to the leader in Single Player games. Normally only the leading Link can carry an item (such as Keys or a Moon Pearl), but picking the item up and switching the leader will eliminate the vulnerability factor.

Split Up


A single Link will break away from the others as they literally take a seat. This is useful to grab a comrade and toss him as needed, as well as to set the Links on distant switches.[9]


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